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‘Daredevil: Born Again’ Set Photos & Videos Reveal First Look of Karen & Foggy

Daredevil: Born Again has just released set photos and videos that show the return of Foggy Nelson and Karen Page. Before returning to the MCU as Daredevil, Charlie Cox used to ward off Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin with the help of Karen and Foggy. Initially, the two characters weren’t a part of Daredevil:[…]

Anime Dragons of Wonderhatch News

Disney Releases a Special Trailer for ‘Dragons of Wonder hatch’

‘Wonder Hatch – Island of the Flying Dragon’ is Disney’s new hybrid live-action/ anime project that has grabbed the attention of many. The hybrid versions have been attempted before; however, they are still a rare occurrence that excites the fans. With the release of this original fantasy work[…]

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Disney CEO Bob Iger Addresses the Problem of Releasing “Too Many Sequels.

Disney CEO Bob Iger addresses the production giant’s recent explosion of sequels. Since its foundation, the studio has found incredible success by creating original live-action or animated creatives. However, those creative juices have dried up lately as the company has resorted to mostly making […]

Anime Dragons of Wonderhatch News

Disney Reveals Anime/Live-Action Hybrid: Dragons of Wonderhatch

We see many innovations in anime almost every day now, but Disney still stands out as it has done something truly out of the box. The company has revealed that it’s working on an anime/live-action hybrid project called ‘Dragons of Wonderhatch.’ The show will be set in two different dimensions[…]

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Japan’s Best Studios Unite to Hook Otakus to Star Wars: Vision This Fall!

We can all profess that Star wars have been on the rise lately on the Disney Plus after the debacle that was the last three films. Shows such as The Mandalorian, whose return to the roots of the franchise, and a western take (and Baby Yoda), have single-handedly revived the series in pop[…]

Anime Butt Detective News

Toei Cartoon Festival Omnibus Film Series Brings Back Butt Detective For August 2021 Screening

Toei Cartoon Festival (Toei Manga Matsuri) is an event, the children look forward to the most during their school vacations. With an exclusive lineup of new anime films and toys, the theatres are packed with excited kids. Toei Animations introduced the festival back in 1969 to showcase popular […]

Anime Disney Fireball News

Disney’s CG Anime Fireball Announced Its Final Chapter

The presence of 3D CG anime within the industry grows as the technologies become more accessible. Disney’s Fireball is another example of such accomplishments, its “Final Chapter” will be delivered this year. Disney’s Japanese 3D CG anime Fireball announced its [..]

Anime News Pokémon

Pokemon Makes Fans Nostalgic With Old Sun & Moon Video Clips

Pokemon is a household name that is known across generations. The franchise has rolled out a continuous stream of games and anime which has led to its prosperity. The anime can be divided into 23 seasons overall.  With Pokemon Journey: The Series debuting in the USA on 12th June on Netflix, fans are sure to […]

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Disney+ June Arrivals to Watch: Shows, Films & Docuseries

Wondering what to watch on Disney+ in June? Here is list of everything new on the platform from shows and films to documentaries. From behind-the-scenes of the making of Frozen 2 to a historical movie, addition of some animated classics and a score of documentaries including the latest Chasing The Equinox, there is a lot […]

Anastasia Disney+ Movies News

Beloved Russian princess Anastasia remains missing from Disney+ US. Here’s why.

In yet another case of a missing movie on Disney, here is the story of a beloved Russian princess Anastasia which remains missing from Disney+ even though its parent company Fox has long been acquired by the platform. Watch one of the first trailers of this Fox animation released in 1997: Once Upon A December, […]

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Is Zombies 2 Worth Watching? Complete Review

Is Zombies 2 Any Good? Worth Your Time? A Complete Review When Disney came out with Zombies in 2018, the lazy title and the falling quality of their original films made several people skeptical about watching the movie. But it managed to win over viewers with its catchy soundtrack and a plot with some deep […]

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Is ‘The Sopranos’ worth watching? A Complete Review

The answer to both of these questions is a big, fat YES. The Sopranos, which premiered on HBO in 1999, remains after 20 amazing years of television, one of the best shows ever made. The show brought about a television revolution giving the people their first complex and intricately layered antihero in Tony Soprano. It […]