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Disney Reveals Anime/Live-Action Hybrid: Dragons of Wonderhatch

We see many innovations in anime almost every day now, but Disney still stands out as it has done something truly out of the box. The company has revealed that it’s working on an anime/live-action hybrid project called ‘Dragons of Wonderhatch.’

The show will be set in two different dimensions: the real and the fantasy worlds of, as you guessed, dragons. It will use live-action to portray the reality and anime for the fantasy realm.

Disney has also revealed a promo video for ‘Dragons of Wonderhatch,’ which teases how the show is being filmed. It is slated for winter 2023, and further details will be revealed soon.

Dragons of Wonderhatch|Sizzle|Disney+
Dragons of Wonderhatch|Sizzle|Disney+

We don’t know much about the plot yet as the franchise is yet to reveal one. However, we do know a little about the characters.

The protagonists are a high school girl Nagi from the real world, and a boy named Tyme, living in the dragon realm. In the trailer, we see that Tyme is transported to Nagi’s room due to some unknown reason, leaving the latter scared and bewildered.

Tyme is revealed to be a dragonrider, people who listen to the cries of dragons and communicate with them. It is clear from the video that Tyme will pull Nagi and her whole life into the fantasy world, leaving her to juggle her dual lives.

Two more characters revealed include Nagi’s friend, Son, and another dragonrider, Akuta. Since it wouldn’t be fair to not disclose the actors after telling so much about the characters, the franchise also shared the main cast with us:

CharacterCast (Live-Action)Other Works (Live-Action)
NagiSena NakajimaIkuko (We Are Little Zombies)
TymeDaiken OkudairaZakiyama Sota (My Small Land )
SonYoshito Emmanuelle--
AkutaMackenyu ArataEnishi Yukishiro (Rurouni Kenshin Saishūshō The Final)

Kentarō Hagiwara, director of the live-action Tokyo Ghoul film, is directing this project too. Meanwhile, Takashi Otsuka is in charge of leading the anime segment of the show, and Posuka Demizu is doing the original character designs.

Takashi Otsuka has directed the One Piece Stampede film, and Posuka is the original creator of The Promised Neverland manga. It is most likely that the cast will voice their anime counterparts too in the show.

The staff and cast are both phenomenal, which has only raised our expectations higher.

Moreover, the behind-the-scenes filming videos have made me more curious about the whole concept and how it will turn out.

About Dragons of Wonderhatch

Dragons of Wonderhatch ( Wonderhatch -Sora-Tobu Ryū no Shima-) is an upcoming anime/live-action hybrid work by Disney. It is set in two dimensions: the real world which will be live-action and the fantasy world of dragons and dragonriders which will be an anime.

It will revolve around two protagonists, a high school girl Nagi from the real world and a boy named Tyme from the fantasy world.

Source: Disney+ Philippines’ Official Twitter

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