Deadpool in the MCU

Marvel Studios and Disney are debating over the future of Deadpool. The Fantastic Four and X-men, including Deadpool, are now under the creative control of Disney. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has nearly all of its characters back after the Disney-Fox merger.

The news around the clock is that Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool will be the first character introduced into the MCU. There were strong rumors of the inclusion of Deadpool in the latest Spiderman movie which didn’t finally happen.

The plans are, to now introduce him in an end credit scene in 2020’s Black Widow movie. An R-Rated character in a PG-13 universe. Marvel and Disney are reportedly locked in a heated debate about how to fit Deadpool into the MCU. The Deadpool movies are not child-friendly, and one big reason for the success of the MCU is that they are appropriate for all ages.

Deadpool movies are full of violence, profanity, and sex because Marvel never actually planned to make Deadpool a fairy tale character.

Deadpool is the only character that will not be rebooted

The Deadpool series was a massive success for Fox worldwide and they can thank Ryan Reynolds for this. Other Fox properties are going to be re-booted, but Deadpool will remain the same. In fact, Ryan Reynolds has reportedly signed a new deal to integrate with the MCU.

So when can we see Deadpool?

The announcement of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already happened, but we got nothing about Merc with a Mouth. Now with the arrival of the D23 Disney event and the rumors about the announcement of Phase 5, we can expect some reliable news.

There are many ways Disney can introduce Deadpool ranging from new alternate timeline theories, giving him a Disney plus show or make him the part of New Avengers team. What they end up doing is left to be seen. Kevin Feige has teased the formation of the New Avengers Team and it surely includes Deadpool.

We also want the fourth wall breaker to do some ass-kicking in the MCU with some of our favorite superheroes.

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