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One Piece Stampede Sees Biggest Opening Day Attendance for 2019

Recently, Toei animation announced some exciting news regarding the One Piece Stampede film. According to Toei, One Piece Stampede has broken the record for biggest first-day attendance in Japan for 2019.

The film opened on Friday and the attendance was 356,052. Besides this, the anime One Piece has completed 20 years. The franchise released video highlights 20 years of story arcs. Here is the video-

アニメ「ONE PIECE」20周年スタートPV~1999-2019~

Starting with the first adventure of the series and bringing it right to the present Whole Cake Island arc of the series,  the featured video centres around some of the greatest events like the death of the Going Merry, saving Robin during the Enies Lobby arc, Luffy separating out of Impel, Ace’s death during the Marineford curve, Luffy rejoining with Sabo in Dressrosa and a whole lot more.

This video also reveals that the anime still has a long way to go. Fans understand that there is no sign of the anime stopping any time soon. Toei Animation also revealed that the first 3 million theatergoers will receive the One Piece Comic -Kan-Banpaku- Manga.

Fuji Tv reveals the synopsis of the film-

‘The world’s greatest exposition of the pirates, by the pirates, for the pirates – the Pirates Festival. Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Crew receive an invitation from its host Buena Festa who is known as the Master of Festivities. They arrive to find a venue packed with glamorous pavilions and many pirates including the ones from the Worst Generation. The place is electric.’

– Fuji TV

Guest Cast of the movie-

  • Tsutomu Isobe as Douglas Bullet
  • Yusuke Santamaria as Buena Festa
  • Rino Sashihara as Ann
  • Ryōta Yamasato as Donald Moderate

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