The Ten Commandments – Ranked! Nanatsu no Taizai

The Ten Commandments is the group of the ten allegedly strongest warriors of the Demon Clan. Each member of the group has a unique power gifted to them by the demon king. The unique ability is known as a commandment, which makes them the representatives of the Demon Clan.

However, they don’t stand a chance against the likes of Meliodas, the pacifier demon Chandler, or the napping demon Cusack. This, in turn, raises the question – ‘How powerful are the individual demons of the ten commandments?’

Since the list is based on manga, it is pretty accurate, but worry not there won’t be any spoilers.

10. Galand the Truth

Ability – Critical Over

Power – 27000

Galand the Truth
Galand the Truth

Galand is the oldest (by age) member of The Ten Commandments, and a powerful demon of the Demon Clan. Galand had physical prowess that made Diane(before training with Drole), Serpent’s Sin of Envy look like a tiny little ant.

His commandment is the commandment of Truth, anybody who stands before him and knowingly lies is turned to stone. Ironically, he had turned to stone himself when he lied to Escanor. His ability “Critical Over” allows him to heighten his physical strength to its utmost limits. He is able to maintain this strength until his magic is exhausted.

9. Fraudin the Selflessness

Ability – FullSize

Power – 31000

Fraudrin the Selflessness
Fraudrin the Selflessness

Fraudrin is an another one of a kind demon who has been using the Great Holy Knight Dreyfus’ body as a vessel and has the commandment of Selflessness(It apparently causes those who have feelings of greed or selfish desire to lose their memories, feelings, and entire sense of self).

His ability “Full Size” allows him to grow to gigantic proportions which proportionally increases his strength and endurance along with the range of his attacks. He has another power Soshin no Jutsu which basically allows him to enter a person’s body and use it as his own.

8. Melascula the Faith

Ability – Hell Gate

Power – 34000

Melascula the Faith
Melascula the Faith

Melascula is a prominent member of the Ten Commandments and has high proud in her powers. She believes that there is no one even in this universe that does not have even a shred of faithlessness in their hearts. Her commandment is the Commandment of Faith.

Anybody who shows faithlessness in her presence will have their eyes set ablaze. Though, her pride was broken when Ban broke her commandment by displaying undeniable faith for Meliodas. Her ability “Hell Gate” allows her to form portals for various purposes.

7. Grayroad the Pacifism

Ability – Curse

Power – 39000

Grayroad the Pacifism
Grayroad the Pacifism

Grayroad is a mutated Gray Demon, making her one of a kind even among the Demon Clan. Fraudrin refers to Grayroad as a female; however, her actual gender is still unknown. Her commandment is the Commandment of Pacifism, which is unique.

Anyone who kills in her presence will have their time stolen from them and rapidly age until they die. Her ability “Curse” enables Grayroad to inflict her targets with various kinds of ailments, making it possible to defeat the enemies without having to resort to violence, thus preventing her from being affected by her own commandment.

6. Gloxinia the Repose

Ability – Disaster

Power – 50000

Gloxinia the Repose
Gloxinia the Repose

Gloxinia is the first king of the Fairy King’s Forest, but was later defected and became Commandment of Repose (Its curse and activation conditions are currently unknown) . He possesses the Ability “Disaster” which is his innate power that he shares with the current Fairy King. It basically allows him to control life and death throughout nature and drawing out the power of Basquias.

5. Derieri the Purity

Ability – Combo Star

Power – 52000

Derieri the Purity
Derieri the Purity

Derieri yet another elite warrior of the Demon Clan, serving directly under the Demon King as the Commandment of Purity (Its curse and activation conditions are currently unknown). As a member of the Ten Commandments, Derieri has also fought in the ancient Holy War against the Goddess Clan and the other races.

Her ability “Combo Star” is one of the coolest here. As long as she continues attacking without interruption, each consecutive blow receives an additional 200,000 pounds of force compared to the previous one. However, If her chain of attacks are interrupted she has to restart.

4. Monspeet the Reticence

Ability – Trick Star

Power – 53000

Monspeet the Reticence
Monspeet the Reticence

Monspeet was bestowed with the commandment of Reticence by the Demon King. Those who expressed hidden feelings/emotions would have their voices blocked. His ability “Trick Star” is his innate magic power that allows him to switch two objects with each other. Monspeet also shows high sensory and homing attack capabilities along with immense levels of durability and endurance.

3. Drole the Patience

Power – 54000

Ability – Ground

Drole the Patience
Drole the Patience

Drole, also known to humans as Balor, is recognized as the founder of the Giant Clan (The same Clan Diane is from). Though, he later defected to be an elite warrior of the Demon Clan, serving directly under the Demon King as the Commandment of Patience (Its curse and activation conditions are currently unknown).

His ability “Ground” is a variant of the giant’s standard power: “Creation”. His control over the earth is incredible and he’s also able to dissipate the Creation magic of lesser giants due to his greater connection with the Earth.

2. Estarossa the Love

Ability – Full Counter

Power – 60000/200000+ (Mael)

Estarossa the Love
Estarossa the Love

Estarossa is the middle son of the king of the Demon Clan and one of its strongest warrior. His commandment is Commandment of Love, anybody who stands before him with hatred in his heart is rendered powerless. He’s also a master of the ability Full Counter. Unlike Meliodas’ full counter, his’ can repel any physical attacks, no matter how powerful they are.

During the Holy War 3,000 years ago, Gowther reforged Mael and everyone else’s memories, giving the Archangel a new identity as a member of the Ten Commandments and the second son of the Demon King, under the name of Estarossa.

1. Zeldris the Piety

Ability – Ominous Nebula; God

Power – God Level (Incalculable)

Zeldris the Piety
Zeldris the Piety

Zeldris is one of the highest-ranking demons of the Demon Clan. He’s the youngest son of Demon King and is powerful enough to block and defense against Meliodas at the same time. He’s the current leader of The Ten Commandments and has the Commandment of Piety.

Anybody who turns his back against Zeldris is treated as committing an act of betrayal and is cursed into serving the Demon King, and as extension Zeldris himself. His ability “Ominous Nebula” creates a vortex that surrounds and attracts all living beings around him that are sliced at a god-like speed by pure reflexes when anyone comes in contact.


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