Strongest Night Raid Characters

To kill or not to kill? That is the main question and plot surrounding the famous Akame Ga Kill. Though, it’s an anime with sad endings and lots of drama yet it focuses on strong fighters and characters mainly from the Night Raid or the Jaegers. But, who’s the strongest among them?

Note:- This list indeed focuses on characters in terms of strength as seen in the story but through the information provided regarding their Teigu.

9 Nanjenda

Nanjenda – Night Raid

Being a former general in the Empire and currently, the Night Raid’s leader – Nanjenda is at 40% of her power due to the injuries inflicted on her. She’s adopted the Susannoo as her Teigu which is a humanoid that helps regenerate her after an injury as long as the core isn’t destroyed. Nanjenda is immune to poison. She also uses the “Wolf Face Mace” against her enemies along with the “Magatama Manifestation” which is a clever strategy for the Susanoo to absorb the enemies’ powers to manifest itself into a more powerful figure.

8 Chelsea

Chelsea – Night Raid

Chelsea’s Teigu is called “Gaea Foundation” which works best in deceiving her enemies and killing them. Gaea Foundation allows her to change her appearance too.

7 Sheele

Sheele – Night Raid

Sheele uses her Teigu “Extase” which is capable of cutting through everything making her one of the most ruthless fighters in the battle. Sheele manages to set her emotions aside and fights with a clear mind as if she has no remorse making her even more ruthless.

6 Lubbock

Lubbock – Night Raid

Lubbock works best as a tactician and in hand to hand combat. His Teigu is called “Cross Tails” and helps him manipulate some wires to attack or defend at his will. 

5 Leone

Leon- Night Raid

Leone excels at spying and manipulation as she is the one who gathers information for the Night’s Raid. She uses a Teigu called “Lionel”. Lionel enhances her speed, reflexes, strength, and regeneration. Her hand to hand combat is impressive.

4 Mine

Mine – Night Raid

Mine is the self-established “Genius Sniper”. Her Teigu is Pumpkin, which is a unique rifle with three modes: sniper, machine gun and long barrel. The rifle shoots spirit energy bullets that steadily become more powerful as the user’s feeling of danger grows. 

3 Bulat

Bulat is also known as the 100 Man-Slayer. Bulat has immense physical strength which enhances his sword fighting and spear fighting skills. His Teigu “Incursio” or the demon Armor is adaptive and molds itself to the person that wears it. The armor can also make someone invisible and generally, enhances the user’s abilities.

2 Tatsumi

Tatsumi- Night Raid

Tatsumi joins the Night’s Raid to fight the corruption in a society that made his friends suffer. Tatsumi takes up Bulat’s Teigu “Incursio” which takes some time to adapt to Tatsumi. But once it does, it becomes quite powerful and allows Tatsumi – a rookie – to fight along with the Night’s Raid.

1 Akame of the Demon Sword

Akame- Night Raid

Akame and her sister were sold and trained to be killers. Akame later on defects and starts to fight against the Empire instead. Akame takes minimal effort to defeat her enemies which is quite scary. Her Teigu, Murasame, is a special Katana which is coated in a deadly poison for which there is no antidote. 

Ultimately, She defeated Esdeath in the final battle, no wonder she’s ranked #1

Akame Ga Kill makes up for some interesting yet scary characters that take on the evil and corrupt Empire that has been feeding off the lower strata of society.

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