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Top 10 Strongest Characters in “Akame ga KILL!”

What makes Akame ga KILL! one of the most sought out anime series among viewers? Its intriguing plot? Its military-themed genre? Or perhaps its formidable characters?

True to its action-adventure storyline, Akame ga KILL! proves itself to be one of the most popular animes of this decade.

Its mind-blowing episodes not only puts viewers at the edge of their seats; but its powerful and enigmatic characters also cliffhangs you while you finish every episode.

Today, I’ll be discussing who the strongest characters are in Akame ga KILL!

Disclaimer: The show has an anime-only ending. So, I’ll be listing these characters according to their power levels in the manga.

10. Bulat

As the strongest and fastest assassin in the Night Raid group, there’s no question how Bulat is amongst the high-ranking Imperial Officers.

Aside from his superhuman strength, durable armor, agility, and invisibility, Bulat is dubbed as the “100-Man Slayer”.

He acquired this title after killing 100 men during a war; that’s why he should win against any challenger without trouble any time.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in “Akame ga KILL!”
Bulat | Source: Fandom

There’s no need for Bulat to work on his body-building skills in the gym anymore! 💪 😁 All he needs is to wield his armor-type Teigu sword (Incursio), and voila!

His body transforms into a full-fledged body armor after the power of his sword is released. This transformation also turns Bulat invisible, but only for a short time. Incursio is mighty, but it is not impenetrable; the only relic that can pierce it is Teigu.

9. Najenda

Talk about female empowerment! With several years of military experience under her belt, Najenda served as a general of The Empire before becoming Night Raid’s Head Assassin.

Her sharp mind and calm personality are keys to her superb leadership skills. Despite the way she dresses, she emits a strong masculine appearance and aura that earns her the title “The Hunk of the Rebellion”.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in “Akame ga KILL!”
Najenda | Source: Fandom

When she became incompatible to the gun-type Teigu, Pumpkin, she became the new master to Susanoo, a human Teigu, Susanoo’s appearance in the show is the first time that a Teigu took shape in a human form.

As such, his regeneration skill and immunity to toxins and poisons proves very useful to Najenda during battle.

Proving worthy to his “Speed of Lightning” alias, Susanoo served Najenda up until his core was destroyed.

8. Wave

Wave is powerful because he is the dual-wielder of Grand Chariot (an armor-type Teigu) and Mastema (a winged-Teigu).

He is formidable because his Grand Chariot is “Carnage-Incarnate”, which means it was formed after Incursio (hence, the strong similarities between the two in terms of agility and strength).

Top 10 Strongest Characters in “Akame ga KILL!”
Wave | Source: Fandom

Wave utilizes his full-body, black Grand Chariot armor for offenses and defenses. It proves to be useful against Pumpkin’s blast attacks and can even break Cross Tail’s shields.

Possessing Mastema is another reason why Wave gains a big advantage during his fights. Its “Thousand-Mile Flight” allows Wave to sprout “God’s Wings” and fly, even for a short period of time.

This technique allows Wave to reflect his enemies’ attacks by shooting feathers during aerial battles (when hit directly, the wings pierce the flesh of his opponents).

7. Kurome

Kurome is a master puppeteer with a skill for dodging sniper fires. She can summons 8 puppets while contemplating how many victims can survive in her torture.

Puppeteer sorcery is her specialty because she isn’t naturally talented. However, her true strength lies in her swordsmanship-assassination skills. When she’s a child, The Group of Terror trained her while giving her experimental drugs.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in “Akame ga KILL!”
Kurome | Source: Fandom

The drug enhancers enabled her to achieve a Kill Rank of #8 even if her innate talent is weak. Her reflexes and endurance became insanely powerful that the only way to defeat her are two ways: crushing her heart and decapitating her.

She is also the suitable wielder of: Yatsufusa — a “March of the Dead” Teigu. She can control the willpower of at most 8 opponents when they’re killed with her Teigu.

6. Mine

Mine’s tsundere personality is the reason why she’s so popular. But not only that, she’s also a spunky gal and a strong female Night Raid assassin next to Akame.

Her unexpected romance with Tatsumi is also a show stealer! Moreover, her fuchsia pink hair and her all-pink outfit is simply an eye-candy to many viewers!

As a “genius sniper”, one thing that Mine prides in is wielding Pumpkin — her spirit Teigu gun. This melee weapon is special not just because of its ability to fire lethal ammunitions; rather, it can reflect its user’s emotions!

When Mine released her most passionate emotions during a fight, her Pumpkin became a useless weapon because it overheated!

It would have been lovely if this incident occurred because she was rushing to save her boyfriend (Tatsumi) at that time. 😊

In any case, she regained control of Teigu and used it to cut enemies as if it’s a big knife! She even utilized the blasting beam — Pumpkin’s trump card.

5. Budo

Great General Budo belongs to the Imperial Army and the Jaegers factions. Even if he is an antagonist, his Adramelech Teigu boosts him to Top 5.

The pair of gauntlets he wears strongly reminds me of Thanos’ gauntlet (from MARVEL).

Famous for “Thunder God’s Rage”, Budo controls the weather, roars thunders, and strikes lightings.

Budo is electrifying like his elemental powers.

His personality is striking because of his devotion to serve The Empire all his life, including the newly crowned young Emperor.

But after realizing the corruptions happening within the palace’s walls, he vowed to track and investigate the culprits; he will eradicate them himself.

In addition to this enormous task, he’s also in charge of suppressing and destroying the members of the Revolutionary Army.

His Trump Card may be unknown, yet several of his techniques (such as throwing electric balls, being able to fly, shoot lighting accurately, etc.) eclipses his strength and speed compared to the others below his rank.

General Budo can also withstand the attacks from both Tatsumi and Leone — Night Raid characters who can be ranked within the Top 5. Thisgoes to show that his power and skill levels are testaments to his title as a military officer general.

4. The Emperor

The Emperor uses Shikoutazer — a mysterious armour type Teigu that is hidden underneath the palace for many centuries. Its existence is so shrouded in secrets that even Former General Nanjenda doesn’t know about this weapon!

It was created by the First Emperor of The Empire. He wanted to use it as a last resort if The Capital’s citizens uphold a Coup D’état.

Prime Minister Honest also uses it for his own gains. With the help of Dorothea, he incorporated alchemy into the amour so it can activate its own Trump Card.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in “Akame ga KILL!”
The Emperor | Source: Fandom

Therefore, The Emperor can suppress the rebellion of the Revolution Army and battle the Night Raid assassins fiercely.

As an innocent child, The Emperor doesn’t know any better; he only follows Honest’s instructions. He uses his Shikoutazer’s “Purge Mode” to allow creatures called “Danger Beasts” protrude from its mouth to eradicate the enemies.

Shikoutazer’s durable armour is like an enormous robot shooting laser beams that can fire mortars, launch explosives, and release missiles.

When Tatsumi and Wave attempted to hit Shikoutazer simultaneously, it didn’t even scratch the massive armour! Only Tatsumi’s Final Incursio Evolution form can pierce the weakened chest area of this formidable foe.

3. Tatsumi

Tatsumi may be a male rookie Night Raid protagonist, but he is at his strongest when he unleashes his Final Incursio Evolution form.

There’s no stopping his rampaging urges after he transforms into a dragon, or rather, after his Teigu (named Tyrant) possesses his body.

The transformation is slow, but the demon armour Teigu consumes his body little by little whenever he successfully activates it.

However, the number of times he wields Teigu also drops. It even came to the point when he can only transform 3 to 4 times more before Incursio completely devours his body!

Top 10 Strongest Characters in “Akame ga KILL!”
Tatsumi | Source: Fandom

When Shikoutazer scanned Tatsumi, his humanity completely disappeared by the time he completed his draconian transformation.

His body adapted the reptilian features of Tyrant’s dragon: half of Tatsumi’s face now shows Tyrant’s instead of Tatsumi’s’.

And instead of hands, Tatsumi now has gauntlet-wearing claws, a fire-breathing mouth, scales of a serpent, and protruding horns!

Tatsumi decided long ago to fused with Incursio’s draconian form so he can ramp up his strength. He prefers this rapid transformation so he can be a match for Shikoutazer.

To be fair, it worked because his draconian form landed two hits on Shikoutazer’s weakened chest.

2. Akame

Akame is the titular female protagonist and the second strongest character in this list. Her momentous scene came when she struck the final blow to Esdeath’s heart!

Trained to be an assassin under one of Gozuki (a mentor and father figure to Akame), she is a master swordsman skilled in firearms and hand-to-hand combat.

Since she’s also exposed to poisons at such a young age, she also has knowledge of some medicinal herbs and knows her way in the wilderness.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in “Akame ga KILL!”
Akame | Source: Crunchyroll

Her name means “Red Eyes”; hence, the crimson eyes she shows (Akame ga KILL! translates to “The Red Eyed Killer”)

Her Teigu is called the One-Cut Killer: Murasame. When she strikes this sword to her opponents, they will die immediately because of the poison imbued in the blade.

The only disadvantage of this sword is that it could only kill one being at a time.

Using her superhuman strength and intellect, she managed to kill Tyrant with Murasame’s poison when Tatsumi’s body was being devoured (transforming into a dragon).

Akame All Moments

In the series, Akame over-consumed a variety of drugs. She wanted to enhance her reflexes and senses during battle, even if the doctor of the Revolution Army warned against overusing them.

Before we get to number one, here are other honourable mentions of this list: Chelsea, Leone, Sheele, Lubbock, Run, and Susanoo.

1. Esdeath

General Esdeath of The Empire is the strongest character in Akame ga KILL! It’s not just because she is a master strategist with a cunning mind; it’s the fact that she has developed 3 Trump Cards even if she is already a wielder of the “Demon’s Extract” Teigu.

She even won the most popular votes according to the Akame ga KILL! Fanbooks.

Since she’s an ice queen herself, her elemental powers are echoed by the Trump Cards. Her “Mahapdama” can freeze time, while her “Ice Cavalry” allowed her to create ice soldiers.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in “Akame ga KILL!”
Esdeath | Source: Fandom

Though she not able to build an ice palace like Disney’s Queen Elsa, Esdeath uses her third Trump Card, “Ice Commander in Chief”, to freeze a continent! Talk about climate change! 😂

Aside from her icicle powers, she’s awesome in hand-to-hand combat, which makes her an excellent combatant against Akame. She even knocked-out an Incursio-enhanced Tatsumi!

During the uprising, Esdeath struggled over 100,000 Revolution Army soldiers. Since she’s The Empire’s strongest soldier, she was able to defeat them single-handedly even if 10 of are Teigu wielders.

Akame vs Esdeath

Esdeath is also a tribal and bounty hunter. She hunted wild Danger Beasts for sports and sells their carcasses for profits. Despite her cruelty towards endangered beasts, she keeps a familiar pet dragon around to use as aerial transportation.

I hope you enjoyed reading this list. What about you? Tell me who’s your top 10 strongest characters in the show! 😃

About Akame ga Kill

Akame ga KILL! is based on a 2010 Japanese manga written by Takahiro and illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro. It has published 15 complete tankōbon volumes.

The story revolves around Tatsumi, a young swordsman, who travels to the Imperial City with his two friends to earn money, but all is not what it seems.

One night, Tatsumi’s entire life changes when he is approached by a group of assassins called Night Raid. He joined them in their retaliation against the corrupt Empire.

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