Grey’s Anatomy TV Series Watch Order

Complete Grey’s Anatomy Watch Order Guide – Easily Rewatch Grey’s Anatomy Series

Grey’s Anatomy is just the perfect show recipe for drama, romance, tear-jerkers, slice-of-life moments, and more. There’s nothing better than to get up on a lazy, gloomy weekend, grab a tub of ice cream, curl up in your cozy blanket, and binge this show! The fan-favorite series has run for 18 long […]

Anime Attack on Titan Watch Order

Easy Attack on Titan Watch Order Guide – Complete Release & Chronological List

Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama’s sadistic creation, has won over fans worldwide ever since its creation. While the manga ended in 2021, the anime is still ongoing, though not for long, as the final season is upon us.The team members behind the anime are well aware of how popular the anime is. […]

Anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Watch Order

How to watch the Demon Slayer Franchise? The Perfect Watch Order Guide

After consecutive hits from the franchise, Demon Slayer has become a household name. The Mugen Train movie made history, and I doubt any anime film will be able to break the record anytime soon. Naturally, fans will flock to get a taste of the incredible series, which in turn leads to doubts re[…]

Anime Watch Order Yu-Gi-Oh!

Complete Yu-Gi-Oh! Watch Order Guide – Easily Rewatch YuGiOh Anime

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a massive anime dedicated to games. Yu-Gi-Oh literally means the King of Games and is exactly what you’d expect it to be but with a slight twist. Regardless of the overwhelming amount of content, you might want to revisit the series for old-time’s sake or maybe you are just curious about the hype […]

Anime Goblin Slayer Watch Order

Beginner’s Guide to a Complete Goblin Slayer Watch Order

Goblin Slayer stays true to its title and is all about slaying isekai creatures, including Goblins. The protagonist is on an obsessive personal mission to execute all goblins and is not shy to be gory while doing it. It is a lighthearted series that will give you a taste of battles, fantasy[…]

Anime Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins) Watch Order

Beginner’s Guide to Complete The Seven Deadly Sins

While you are out there avoiding the seven deadly sins, the anime world has welcomed them with open arms. Anime series ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ shows each of the sins as great warriors who are destined to fight a greater evil. As ironic as the plot is, each character resembles their respective[…]

Anime Inuyasha Netflix Watch Order

Which Inuyasha episodes to skip? A Complete Filler Guide

Inuyasha is one of those series that people grow up watching and end up attached to. It has all the elements you need to escape your mundane lifestyle. The 90s anime has received overwhelming love for decades and has become a classic that everyone knows and admires. It is just shy of 200 episodes[…]

Anime Haikyu!! Watch Order

Beginner’s Guide to Complete Haikyu!! Watch Order

Despite being a volleyball anime, Haikyu!! attracts a global fanbase consisting of every kind of otaku. The sassy characters in each volleyball teams are honestly the best and their competition is what gives the series its spark. Now whether you like the determined and brooding type, the[…]

Anime Fate Series Watch Order

How To Watch Fate Anime? A Complete Watch Order Guide

There is no doubt that when magic, mind-numbing plots and timelines, and roaring actions are mixed together it results in some of the best anime that fans can only dream of. So, when we talk about one of the complicated yet beautiful anime franchises, Fate, sometimes it might be an[…]

Anime Inuyasha Watch Order

How to watch Inuyasha? Complete Watch Order Guide

Inuyasha, a timeless classic, follows the tale of humans and demons on a quest that gives rise to friendship, romance and loads of amazing action sequences. The animation is beautiful, and each story arc brings a new adventure. The world of Inuyasha is surrounded by mystery. Like the protagonist, Kagome Higurashi, we find ourselves in […]

Manga Naruto Watch Order

Correctly Read Naruto Manga and Novels in Order – Easy Complete Guide

Naruto has stood out among thousands of shonen anime and is one of the defining series of the genre. Be it the manga or the anime, one can never get enough of this addicting story. Once you finish reading the 700 chapters of Naruto, it is common to face a sense of emptiness because suddenly[…]

Anime Bleach Watch Order

Complete Bleach Watch Order Guide – Easily Rewatch Bleach Anime

Bleach is considered one of the Top 3 Shonen Anime, and rightfully so. From the diverse range of characters to incredible action scenes and plot, they make the 17 seasons of Bleach worth a watch. Then again, who hasn’t shouted ‘Ban…KAI!’ while watching the series? Bleach has received 17[…]