Anime Trigun Watch Order

Beginner’s Guide to Complete Trigun Anime and Movie Watch Order

Trigun Stampede introduced the dynamic protagonist Vash whose backstory and comedy skills are both top notch. His fabulous entry and the suitable soundtracks make the anime a must-watch. The anime was adapted before the Trigun manga ended, so the anime has a different conclusion than the manga.

Anime My Hero Academia Watch Order

Watch All My Hero Academia Seasons, Movies, And OVAs in Best Watch Order

You’ve got to be living under a rock not to know about My Hero Academia. Being a member of the ‘Major Shonen Squad’ comes with its own set of difficulties, and that is the long list of installments that need to be set up in proper order before watching.Luckily for you, we have taken up the respon[…]

Anime Naruto Watch Order

Beginner’s Guide to Complete Naruto Watch Order

Naruto, a simple anime to follow, brings with it a fantastic and engaging plot. Famous for its undeniably motivating lessons, action sequences, and iconic Naruto run, it is safe to say that Naruto has indeed paved the way for modern shōnen anime.Having an astounding total of 720 episodes, Naruto […]

Manga Naruto Watch Order

Complete Reading Order of Naruto Manga and Spinoffs

Naruto has stood out among thousands of shonen anime and is one of the defining series of the genre. Be it the manga or the anime, one can never get enough of this addicting story. Once you finish reading the 700 chapters of Naruto, it is common to face a sense of emptiness because suddenly[…]

Anime Vinland Saga Watch Order

Beginner’s Guide to Vinland Saga Watch Order and Filler List

Vinland Saga’s reputation as a Viking anime often makes anime fans preconceive it as an action-based anime. Let me assure you that it is anything but that. With beautiful character building and a hearty sprinkling of realism, Vinland Saga has won over the hearts of many otakus. The first few[…]

Anime Tokyo Revengers Watch Order

A Detailed Guide to All Tokyo Revengers Episodes

Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers is a curveball for all otakus. Time-leap anime tend to be more complex, but this series will give you one twist after another till you just can’t speculate anymore. Middle school gangs might not be for everyone, but rest assured, these kids are tougher than they look.

Anime Kamisama Kiss Watch Order

Beginner’s Guide to Complete Kamisama Hajimemashita Watch Order

Kamisama Kiss or Kamisama Hajimemashita is a rom-com anime that is sure to steal your heart. Do not make the mistake of dismissing it as just another sappy romance because it is anything but that. Every episode has the most hilarious twists and turns, and it’s hard to keep a straight face due[…]

Anime Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Watch Order

Beginner’s Guide to Complete Love, Chunibyo And Other Delusions! Watch Order

All of us have embarrassing past deeds that keep us up at night due to their cringiness. Middle school is when people are most likely to develop an attention-seeking disease called ‘chuunibyou.’ No, it’s not a fatal condition, but it does make you regret your existence in later years.

Anime High School DxD Watch Order

How to Watch High School DxD? Easy Watch Order Guide

High School DxD is one of the best ecchi anime out there. It has a relatable main lead, attractive and multi-dimensional and attractive females, and loads of action. Unlike most fantasy harem, the girls serve crucial roles other than being pretty. There are four seasons, three OVAs […]

Anime Attack on Titan Watch Order

Beginner’s Guide to Complete Attack on Titan Watch Order

Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama’s sadistic creation, has won over fans worldwide ever since its creation. While the manga ended in 2021, the anime is still ongoing, though not for long, as the final season is upon us.The team members behind the anime are well aware of how popular the anime is. […]

Anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Watch Order

Beginner’s Guide to Complete Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Watch Order

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures is a class apart from any anime you know. This decades-old series has become a pop culture symbol with meme references embedded deep within our brains. If you like exaggerated battles with physically impossible postures, this is the stuff for you. A story that crosses generations, with a villain that just never […]

Anime Haikyu!! Watch Order

Beginner’s Guide to Complete Haikyu!! Watch Order

Despite being a volleyball anime, Haikyu!! attracts a global fanbase consisting of every kind of otaku. The sassy characters in each volleyball teams are honestly the best and their competition is what gives the series its spark. Now whether you like the determined and brooding type, the[…]