Complete Grey’s Anatomy Watch Order Guide – Easily Rewatch Grey’s Anatomy Series

Grey’s Anatomy is the perfect show recipe for drama, romance, tear-jerkers, slice-of-life moments, and more. There’s nothing better than to get up on a lazy, gloomy weekend, grab a tub of ice cream, curl up in your cozy blanket, and binge this show!

The fan-favorite series has run for 18 long seasons and shows no signs of stopping! After all, we just can’t get enough of the lives of Meredith Grey and the people surrounding her at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Grey’s Anatomy has three spin-offs – Private Practice, Station 19, and B-Team. The timeline of these shows is linear, and there are crossover episodes between the parent show and its spin-offs, Private Practice and Station 19.

1. How to Watch Grey’s Anatomy in Order?

The recommended way to watch Grey’s Anatomy in order is by following the chronological order:

  • Grey’s Anatomy (Seasons 1-19)
  • Private Practice (Seasons 1-6)
  • Station 19 (Seasons 1-6)
  • Grey’s Anatomy: B-Team (Season 1)

While Grey’s Anatomy is the longest-running show among the four, the other three shows have run parallel to it. The plotlines and timelines across all four shows are linear, and you don’t have to shuffle the order or go back and forth between various seasons.

2. How to Watch Grey’s Anatomy in Release Order

S.NOTitleAir Date
1Grey’s Anatomy Season 127-03-2005
2Grey’s Anatomy Season 225-09-2005
3Grey’s Anatomy Season 321-09-2006
4Private Practice Season 126-09-2007
5Grey’s Anatomy Season 427-09-2007
6Grey’s Anatomy Season 525-09-2008
7Private Practice Season 201-10-2008
8Grey’s Anatomy Season 624-09-2009
9Private Practice Season 301-10-2009
10Private Practice Season 423-09-2010
11Grey’s Anatomy Season 723-09-2010
12Grey’s Anatomy Season 822-09-2011
13Private Practice Season 529-09-2011
14Private Practice Season 625-09-2012
15Grey’s Anatomy Season 927-09-2012
16Grey’s Anatomy Season 1026-09-2013
17Grey’s Anatomy Season 1125-09-2014
18Grey’s Anatomy Season 1224-09-2015
19Grey’s Anatomy Season 1322-09-2016
20Grey’s Anatomy Season 1428-09-2017
21Grey’s Anatomy: B-Team Season 111-01-2018
22Station 19 Season 122-03-2018
23Grey’s Anatomy Season 1527-09-2018
24Station 19 Season 204-10-2018
25Grey’s Anatomy Season 1626-09-2019
26Station 19 Season 323-01-2020
27Station 19 Season 412-11-2020
28Grey’s Anatomy Season 1712-11-2020
29Station 19 Season 530-09-2021
30Grey’s Anatomy Season 1830-09-2021
31Station 19 Season 606-10-2022
32Grey’s Anatomy Season 1906-10-2022

3. Crossover Episodes

i. Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice

Watch Grey’s Anatomy first and then Private Practice in these crossover episodes.

  • Grey’s Anatomy: 3×22 and 3×23, “The Other Side of This Life” Parts 1 and 2 and Private Practice: 1×01, “In Which We Meet Addison, a Nice Girl From Somewhere Else”
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 4×13, “Piece of My Heart”, Grey’s Anatomy: 5×14, “Beat Your Heart Out” and Private Practice: 2×15, “Acceptance”
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 5×15, “Before and After” and Private Practice: 2×16, “Ex-Life”
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 5×16, “An Honest Mistake”, Grey’s Anatomy: 6×05, “Invasion” and Private Practice: 3×03 “Right Here, Right Now”
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 6×11, “Blink” and Private Practice: 3×11, “Another Second Chance”
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 8×15, “Have You Seen Me Lately?” and Private Practice: 5×15, “You Break My Heart”

ii. Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19

For these, watch Station 19 episodes first and then watch the Grey’s Anatomy episodes.

  • Grey’s Anatomy: 14×13 as Station 19’s Backdoor Pilot
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 15×04 and Station 19: 2×02
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 15×23 and Station 19: 2×15
  • Station 19: 3×01 and Grey’s Anatomy: 16×10
  • Station 19: 4×01, Grey’s Anatomy: 17×01 and Grey’s Anatomy: 17×02
  • Station 19: 4×05 and Grey’s Anatomy: 17×06
  • Station 19: 4×06 and Grey’s Anatomy: 17×07
  • Station 19: 4×10 and Grey’s Anatomy: 17×11
  • Station 19: 5×01 and Grey’s Anatomy: 18×01
  • Station 19: 5×05 and Grey’s Anatomy: 18×05
  • Station 19: 5×09 and Grey’s Anatomy: 19×09
  • Station 19: 6×06 and Grey’s Anatomy 19:06

4. Where to watch: Grey’s Anatomy in the USA

TitleStreaming ServiceSubscription Fees
Grey’s AnatomyHulu, Netflix,, iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google PlayHulu ($7.99/month), Netflix ($9.99/month), (Free with cable provider), iTunes (Varies), Amazon Prime Video ($12.99/month), Google Play (Varies)
Private PracticeHulu, iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google PlayHulu ($7.99/month), iTunes (Varies), Amazon Prime Video ($12.99/month), Google Play (Varies)
Station 19Hulu,, iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google PlayHulu ($7.99/month), (Free with cable provider), iTunes (Varies), Amazon Prime Video ($12.99/month), Google Play (Varies)
Grey’s Anatomy: (Free with cable provider)

5. Where to watch: Grey’s Anatomy Outside USA

TitleStreaming ServiceSubscription FeesAvailable Countries
Grey’s AnatomyDisney+Disney+ ($9.99/month)Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe, Japan, Latin America, and other countries
Private PracticeHulu, Disney+Hulu ($7.99/month), Disney+ ($9.99/month)United States, Canada, The  United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe, Japan, Latin America, and other countries
Station 19Hulu, Disney+Hulu ($7.99/month), Disney+ ($9.99/month)United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe, Japan, Latin America, and other countries
Grey’s Anatomy: (Free with cable provider)United States, Canada, and other countries with ABC affiliates

6. Whether offline viewing is allowed?

You can download and watch episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Hulu, Amazon Prime and multiple other services listed below, along with their different packages that support the download feature.

WebsiteSubscription PackagesWhether Offline Viewing Allowed?
Amazon Prime Video$12.99/monthYes
Google PlayVariesYes

7. What to do if Grey’s Anatomy is unavailable in your region?

If Grey’s Anatomy is unavailable on any streaming website in your area, you can use a VPN to bypass the geo-block. Some of the top VPN service providers in the game are ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, Proton VPN, Cyberghost, and Private Internet Access, to name a few.

All you have to do is connect to a country where Grey’s Anatomy is streaming. You can now watch the series even if it is unavailable in your region.

There are many unpaid VPN services at hand or free browser extensions. However, low-tier VPN providers might decrease your speed and block you from streaming services. Connection drops and unsecured encryption are also other disadvantages.

8. How long will it take to complete Grey’s Anatomy Universe?

It’ll take 19 days, 16 hours, and 10 minutes (28321 mins) to watch the Grey’s Anatomy Universe, including all the episodes, special episodes, and spin-offs.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19405 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 2271215 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 3251125 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 417765 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 5241080 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 6241080 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 722990 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 8241080 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 9241080 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 10241080 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 11251125 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 12241080 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 13241080 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 14241080 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 15251125 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 1621945 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 1718810 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 1820900 mins
Grey’s Anatomy Season 1922990 mins
Private Practice Season 19405 mins
Private Practice Season 222990 mins
Private Practice Season 3231035 mins
Private Practice Season 422990 mins
Private Practice Season 522990 mins
Private Practice Season 613585 mins
Station 19 Season 110450 mins
Station 19 Season 217765 mins
Station 19 Season 316720 mins
Station 19 Season 416720 mins
Station 19 Season 518810 mins
Station 19 Season 618810 mins
Grey’s Anatomy B Team616 mins
Total28321 mins
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9. About Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is an American medical drama TV series created by Shonda Rhimes for ABC Studios. One of the longest running primetime television series, the title is an allusion to the human anatomy textbook Gray’s Anatomy.

The ensemble cast includes Ellen Pompeo in the leading role along with Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers and many others.

It follows the lives of surgical interns, residents and attendings and their progression into becoming professional doctors while juggling their interpersonal relationships.

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