Two New Promo Videos of ‘Classroom for Heroes’ Reveal July Debut

The story for ‘Classroom for Heroes’ takes place at Rosewood Academy, a school for heroes in training, and among them, Arnest Flaming is considered one of the strongest.

That is until she has an irritating encounter with a new student, Blade, a goofball and lighthearted person. She soon comes to realize that Blade is almost as powerful as her, or maybe even stronger, and to her surprise, she is ordered by the king to help Blade settle down, setting up a story that is filled with hilarious moments and encounters.


On Monday, the official website for Shin Araki’s Eiy Kyshitsu Classroom For Heroes television anime began streaming new promotional and commercial films. Both videos announced the anime’s July 9 release date and teased the opening theme song “Bravery? Naturally?” by VTuber Kaede Higuchi.


In the new promo video, we see Blade in some kind of duel with magic flames surrounding him. We also see his relationship with Arnest, Sophi, and Cu.

The cast members behind the voices of the main characters are:

CharacterStaffOther Works
BladeReiji KawashimaYuto (Digimon Ghost Game)
Arnest FlamingMisuzu YamadaRan (My One-Hit Kill Sister)
SophiNao TōyamaNatsu (7SEEDS)
Cú ChulainnHina KinoMiri (Buddy Daddies)
ClaireEri YukimuraAnri (BLUELOCK)
JessicaHaruka ShiraishiKaie Tanya (86)

As for the main staff that is working behind the upcoming series, their names are:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorKeiichiro KawaguchiSket Dance
Script Writer/SupervisorNaoki HayashiBlack Fox
Character Designer/Chief Animation Director Kōsuke KawamuraRemake Our Life!

Classroom for Heroes is a must-watch if you are someone who admires overpowered characters like Saitama, Saiki, or Gojo Satoru. So, gear up for more thrilling action and fights this July.

About Classroom for Heroes

Classroom for Heroes is a light novel series by Shin Araki that was first published in January 2015. It later received a manga adaptation in February of the same year. It will receive an anime adaptation in 2023.

The series’s main character, Blade, is the strongest hero of a magical world. After defeating a dangerous enemy, the hero longs for a normal life. Thus he disguises himself as an average teenager and enters Rosewood Academy, known for its talented students.

Arnest Flaming is the best student in the academy, and she doubts Blade’s skills. Can Blade protect his secret while making new friends?

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