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Craving some nightmare fuel? Here are Top 10 Darkest Anime Scenes Ever

From scenes that are gross and disgusting to ones that are just downright heartbreaking, anime has it all. Even the so-called “kid-friendly” shows can have moments that scar you for life. I want to take you on a journey through the top 10 most messed up anime moments. These scenes are the kind that […]

Manga Read Order Tokyo Ghoul

Beginner’s Guide to Complete Tokyo Ghoul Watch Order

Stories that involve the merging of supernatural and drama in the modern age have always captivated our ever-flickering imaginations. Tokyo Ghoul satisfies our fantasies with a dark, twisty tale and action sequences that epitomize the shonen genre in all the best ways. Tokyo Ghoul is the[…]


Everything You Need to Know About ‘Ride-on King’, the Manga on Putin

You may or may not know this, but there is an Isekai manga based on Vladimir Putin – and it’s actually really good. It’s hailed as one of the best Isekai stories out there, with an engaging story, unique characterization, and fun artwork that leaves nothing to imagination. Putin is probably […]

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Sui Ishida Bravely Picks Choujin X’s Erratic Release to Prevent Overworking

Choujin X, the new manga by Sui Ishida, will make you fall in love with his art style all over again. The first chapter was launched yesterday and Tokyo Ghoul fans are bound to think of it as a homecoming. Although both Choujin X and Tokyo Ghoul are different manga, they have a lot of common[…]

Manga News Tokyo Ghoul

New Mysterious Manga, Choujin X, Teased by Tokyo Ghoul Author, Sui Ishida!

Tokyo Ghoul has been one of the most popular supernatural thriller mangas of all time. It has been praised worldwide for its story and characters. After the success of Tokyo Ghoul, author Sui Ishida is all set to introduce a new manga- Choujin X. In November 2020, Ishida had announced that he[…]


How To Start Watching Anime and From Where?

Anime is becoming more and more popular as the days go by. You must have heard some basic layman definition of what Anime is all about – its cartoons made by Japan or so on, and I’m pretty sure your weeb friends must have snapped and given you a lecture about it. (Trust me, do not ever tell a weeb anime is cartoons; it will lead to the worst possible outcome) To check it out, you are now wondering where I should begin from […]

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25 Strongest Characters In Tokyo Ghoul

There are many gory, terrifying, and strong characters in Tokyo Ghoul. From Ken Kaneki, to Arima, to Touka — their ghoulish forms could make their very audience cringe with fear! Since the franchise belongs to the horror, supernatural, and psychological genre targeting the Seinen demographic, it’s no wonder why this show includes many insanely powerful […]

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Why is Tokyo Ghoul anime bad?

It would be accurate if not polite to say that Tokyo Ghoul was a bad adaptation of the manga. The words more commonly used for Tokyo Ghoul are usually to the tune of “terrible”, “shitty”, “poor” and so on. For an anime to receive such degrading comments while its source is hailed as amazing, one […]

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Is Tokyo Ghoul Worth Your Time? – A Complete Review

Tokyo Ghoul (Tōkyō Gūru) is a Japanese dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Sui Ishida. The series follows Ken Kaneki, a college student who becomes part-ghoul after barely surviving a deadly encounter with one. A 12-episode anime television series adaptation by Pierrot aired on Tokyo MX between July 4 and September 19, 2014. […]

Anime Tokyo Ghoul Watch Order

How To Watch Tokyo Ghoul Series? Easy Watch Order Guide

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime that could force you to take a break from the series and watch a more light-hearted show. The gruesome imagery of flesh-devouring ghouls, the constant feeling uncertainty and despair along with the loud screams of the victims, would make you feel sick if you’re not used to gore. Many manga […]

Anime Attack on Titan Listicles Tokyo Ghoul

Top 10 Must-Watch Anime If You Loved “Parasyte: The Maxim” & Where To Watch Them!

Parasyte: The Maxim is a story about Shinichi Izumi falling victim to one of the parasites taking over his right hand as the host and failing to acquire his brain. Shinichi, along with his parasite named Migi, embark on a journey to eradicate this new threat to their species. This is a thrilling story of […]

Anime Attack on Titan Listicles The Promised Neverland Tokyo Ghoul

Top 10 Must-Watch Anime If You Loved “Attack on Titan” & Where To Watch Them!

Attack on Titan is a story about Eren Yeager, who joins the Survey Corps to dedicate his life to eradicate the titans that have brutally killed the humans inside the wall and devoured them along with her mother. This a story that magnificently deals with horror, mystery, and portrays the strength of human will.  So, […]