Manga Read Order Tokyo Ghoul

A Complete Read Order Guide of Tokyo Ghoul: Manga and Light Novel

Stories that involve the merging of supernatural and drama in the modern age have always captivated our ever-flickering imaginations. Tokyo Ghoul satisfies our fantasies with a dark, twisty tale and action sequences that epitomize the shonen genre in all the best ways. Tokyo Ghoul is the[…]

Manga News Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers X Tokyo Ghoul Illustration Leaves Fans in Awe

Tokyo Revengers meets Tokyo Ghoul in this latest illustration by mangaka Sui Ishida. Tokyo Ghoul’s mangaka Sui Ishida posted an illustration of Tokyo Revengers’ Ken Ryuguji, better known as Draken, on his official Twitter handle. As one of Tokyo Revengers’ central characters, Draken is the[…]

Choujin X Manga News

Sui Ishida Bravely Picks Choujin X’s Erratic Release to Prevent Overworking

Choujin X, the new manga by Sui Ishida, will make you fall in love with his art style all over again. The first chapter was launched yesterday and Tokyo Ghoul fans are bound to think of it as a homecoming. Although both Choujin X and Tokyo Ghoul are different manga, they have a lot of common[…]

Manga News Tokyo Ghoul

New Mysterious Manga, Choujin X, Teased by Tokyo Ghoul Author, Sui Ishida!

Tokyo Ghoul has been one of the most popular supernatural thriller mangas of all time. It has been praised worldwide for its story and characters. After the success of Tokyo Ghoul, author Sui Ishida is all set to introduce a new manga- Choujin X. In November 2020, Ishida had announced that he[…]