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Duffer Brothers to Adapt ‘Death Note’ into a Netflix Live-Action Series

Stranger Things is everywhere nowadays. Volume 4’s groundbreaking final episodes have successfully taken over social media and are reigning on top right now. Now would be the best time for Duffer Brothers to announce new projects and milk out as much as possible from the hype. Inspired by the[…]

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Platinum End Previews its 999 Day Death Match in the New Trailer

With the fall season just a month away, the anticipation for Platinum End could not be any higher. The supernatural among us death match story from the creators of Death Note already has everyone on edge. The manga somehow flew surprisingly under the radar for a series by Ohba and Obata[…]

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So, Who was the smarter one: Light or L? Final Answer

Death Note is one of the most popular anime and manga series of all time, full of some insanely intelligent characters. But when it comes to who’s the smartest, everyone’s uncertain.
Death Note has to be one of my favorite anime series, definitely in the top 3. However, I always […]

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Will Netflix’s Death Note 2 Movie Adapt the Manga or Dismay Fans Again?

Death Note is one of the most awesome psychological manga out there, but did you know about its live-action movie adaptation by Netflix? It is actually a forbidden topic in the Death Note fandom as we all choose to ignore its existence. It seems like Netflix has realized the colossal blunder[…]

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Dive into Shinigami’s Fetish Once Again; Volume Cover for the Death Note Short Series Released

“ I’ll solve equations from my right hand and write names with my left. I’ll take a potato chip… and EAT IT.” Although this time, it is going to be us eating the potato chips, as we enjoy the Death Note: Short Stories. The date for its release is right around the corner, and […]

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Is The Platinum End Manga Coming To An End Soon?

Platinum End, the manga by the creators of Death Note, is listed as reaching its climax soon. The manga explores the concept of God, Angels, and death like Death Note, but with a different approach. The protagonist, Mirai, is not even the slightest bit as confident as Light Yagami. However[…]

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Top 25 Strongest Villains in Shonen Anime, Ranked!

With unlimited power and sturdy plot armor, our heroes need their own evil counterparts to keep them in check. Known as enemies, antagonists, or even a great plot device, these villains are a prime motivator for the protagonists and their friends to grow and strive for strength. Some excellent examples of this are directly showcased […]

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How to Watch Death Note? The Complete Watch Guide

Death Note is arguably the greatest anime to ever exist. The ability of Death Note to create excellent standalone episodes within a larger narrative is perhaps, its most attractive quality. Every single moment in the anime is significant and continuously provides bite-sized crucial information. The constant battle of wits between the two main characters, Light […]