Anime News The [email protected]

‘THE [email protected] Million Live!’ Anime to Premiere Next Fall

The [email protected] franchise has been the go-to spot for anyone who loves the music and idol genre in games and anime. It has given us various installments revolving around the same themes, but with different stories and characters we fell in love with. It feels like a never-ending franchise as[…]

Anime Dr. Stone

How Will Senku Defeat Tsukasa In Dr. Stone Season 2?

The build-up we’re getting in Dr. Stone Season 2 has been a fun-filled ride! We’re more than halfway to the end, but fans can’t sit still to see what kinds of possibilities are awaiting these beloved characters. 😁 How will the “Stone Wars” arc wrap up in the anime’s second season? Hello and welcome! Today, […]

Manga News Platinum End

Is The Platinum End Manga Coming To An End Soon?

Platinum End, the manga by the creators of Death Note, is listed as reaching its climax soon. The manga explores the concept of God, Angels, and death like Death Note, but with a different approach. The protagonist, Mirai, is not even the slightest bit as confident as Light Yagami. However[…]

Anime News Platinum End

Platinum End By Death Note Creators Gets Anime in Fall 2021

Platinum End is a dark thriller manga by the creators of Death Note and Bakuman. Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba have once again come together to produce a mind-boggling series for fans. Death Note is one of the most popular psychological thrillers in the anime world, and that raises our[…]

Anime Deemo News

Deemo: The Movie Releases BTS Video, Debuts In 2020

Many video games are adapted into anime versions due to their popularity among the masses. Just like how anime inspires video games, games can also prove to be suitable materials for an anime adaptation. Their well-set plotlines and graphic visuals are also a big help in defining the final […]