Deemo: The Movie Releases BTS Video, Debuts In 2020

Many video games are adapted into anime versions due to their popularity among the masses. Just like how anime inspire video games, games can also prove to be suitable materials for an anime adaptation.

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Their well-set plotlines and graphic visuals are also a big help in defining the final touches in the anime. Deemo is a rhythm game for Android and iOS platforms, which is now getting its anime film adaptation.

The official website of Deemo The Movie has released a new behind the scenes video for the upcoming anime film. The film will reportedly release in 2020.

映画『DEEMO THE MOVIE』メイキング映像<9/12Rayark BUFF公開>
Deemo Trailer

Deemo The Movie’s behind the scenes shows comments from several of the staff involved with the film’s production procedure.

The CEO of Production I.G commented that the staff had to work really hard to make the film as close to the original work as possible. This development helped the team to understand why Deemo is such a popular game and what makes it so unique.

Director of Deemo The Movie, Shuhei Matsushita, commented that he already knew about Deemo as a game. However, imagining the suitable music for the film was quite challenging. Piano music is given priority in the matter due to the game’s plot.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the production procedure had slowed down. It gave the staff more time to reflect on the movie.

Studio Production I.G and Signal. MD are producing the film.

Although the game was first introduced for iOS and Android platforms, it was later released for Playstation Vita and Nintendo Switch. Deemo: Reborn, the game’s rebooted version will be released on 21st November.

Glimpses from the movie show some incredible graphics that have been used. The movie follows the plotline of the game. Deemo plays the piano in the film and a journey like a fairytale begins.

About Deemo

Deemo is an android and iOS platform based rhythm game. It will receive a movie adaptation in 2020.

Deemo: The Movie Releases BTS Video
Deemo | Source: Crunchyroll

A mysterious girl falls from the sky. Deemo is a character who plays the piano and wants to return the girl to her world. Both of them meet accidentally in a treehouse world.

As Deemo’s fingers hit the keyboard, beautiful music arises from it, and a new journey opens in front of them.

Source: Official website of Deemo: The Movie

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