Anime News Tales Franchise

Tales of Luminaria Posts an Action-Filled 10-Mins Preview of Ep 1

The Tales franchise has been one of the market leaders in RPGs. Now Kamikaze Douga is going to make sure that the series becomes a smash-hit in the anime industry as well. “Tales of” have always singled out a theme in every game, the upcoming anime movie is also based on one such theme, and[…]

Anime News Spirit Chronicles

Spirit Chronicles Anime’s New PV Shows Haruto’s Post-Death Journey As Rio

It’s said that experience changes a person, but I wonder if the same rule applies to someone born with the tragic experiences of his past life. Rio, the protagonist of the Spirit Chronicles light novel series, shares a similar story. Apart from his current hardships, he has to handle the […]

Anime Deemo News

Deemo: The Movie Releases BTS Video, Debuts In 2020

Many video games are adapted into anime versions due to their popularity among the masses. Just like how anime inspires video games, games can also prove to be suitable materials for an anime adaptation. Their well-set plotlines and graphic visuals are also a big help in defining the final […]