Anime Given News

Given Announces Brand-New OAD and Live-Action Drama For More Cute BL Action!

Given, the musical boys love series, had blown us away with its subtle emotional articulation last year. With both anime series and film under its wing, the franchise has made us fall in love with the cute characters and their relationships. Of course, we can’t get enough of the cuteness and I[…]

Kakegurui Live-Action Movies News

2nd Live-Action Kakegurui Film’s PV Shows The Caste System Falling Apart!

Kakeguri takes the concept of compulsive gambling to a completely different level. For someone suffering from a gambling disorder, the chance of risking it all for a greater reward is what hooks them in. However, the stakes are much higher for the students at Hyakkaou Private Academy, where the[…]

Death Note Movies Netflix News

Will Netflix’s Death Note 2 Movie Adapt the Manga or Dismay Fans Again?

Death Note is one of the most awesome psychological manga out there, but did you know about its live-action movie adaptation by Netflix? It is actually a forbidden topic in the Death Note fandom as we all choose to ignore its existence. It seems like Netflix has realized the colossal blunder[…]