Anime Build Divide News

Build Divide: Code Black Teases the King of New Kyoto

Challenging the king in a game sounds scary, but it’s worth a try. We’ve all played card games as kids but Build Divide takes them up a notch. The anime is set in a city called New Kyoto, where your status and worth are decided by a card game called Build Divide. If you manage to defeat the[…]

Kakegurui Live-Action News

Kakegurui: Ultimate Russian Roulette Teases 2 Mins Of The Film’s Beginning

A school where your status is determined by your gambling skills and how much you are willing to put at stake to win. Kakegurui is a show made for people who are crazy enough to take big risks if it means that they will be at the top. This is the type of anime that will glue your eyes to yourl[…]

Kakegurui Live-Action Movies News

2nd Live-Action Kakegurui Film’s PV Shows The Caste System Falling Apart!

Kakeguri takes the concept of compulsive gambling to a completely different level. For someone suffering from a gambling disorder, the chance of risking it all for a greater reward is what hooks them in. However, the stakes are much higher for the students at Hyakkaou Private Academy, where the[…]

Anime Kakegurui News

Kakegurui’s Creator Reveals A New Thriller With A Strong Female Character!

Isekai Tenseisha Koroshi – Cheat Slayer (The Killer Of The Reincarnated: Cheat Slayer) is an upcoming manga by Homura Kawamoto. Yes, the same person who created the gambling psycho-thriller Kakegurui is giving us another masterpiece. We all love a strong female character, and Kakegurui has no[…]