Anime Natsume's Book Of Friends News

Crunchyroll to Stream Eng Dub of Natsume’s Book of Friends S2

On November 22, Crunchyroll announced that it is now streaming an English dub for the second season of Natsume’s Book of Friends. The television anime is based on the manga by Yuki Midorikawa.
The main cast for this season includes: […]

Anime News Oyukiumi no Kaina

‘Kaina of the Great Snow Sea’ Anime Prepares for a January Debut

Something about a boy-meets-girl story with a dystopian backdrop is so tragically beautiful that you can’t get enough of it. Tsutomu Nihei and Polygon Pictures are a pair that knows how to ace this trope, and the ‘Kaina of the Great Snow Sea’ anime is here as proof. The first four episodes of[…]

Manga News The Irregular at Magic High School

‘The Irregular at Magic High School’ to Get 3 New Manga Series

The Irregular at Magic High School has given us loads of adaptations to date. Its light novel series has been adapted into various forms of media over the years, with its manga reigning on top as the fan favorite. Its manga has been on a break after the conclusion of the Southern Sea Riot arc[…]

Anime Eternal Boys News

Idol Anime ‘Eternal Boys’ to have a Half-Year Run

Idol-themed anime are becoming more common with each passing day, but ‘Eternal Boys’ is the one that managed to stand out in the crowd. The show targets the very essence of an idol- their young age and youthful energy. It features an idol group of middle-aged men having a mid-life crisis after[…]

Anime Ayakashi Triangle News

Ayakashi Triangle Reveals Theme Song Artists and Release Date

On November 22, the official website for the anime adaptation of Kentaro Yabuki’s Ayakashi Triangle manga released a new promotional video for the television anime. The video previews the opening theme song “Neppu wa Ruten-suru” by Philosophy no Dance and reveals the January 9 debut.
The ending theme song “Itowanai feat. Miyu Tomita and Kana Ichinose” […]

Anime News Slam Dunk

New Teaser for ‘The First Slam Dunk’ Film Focuses on Kaede Rukawa

Slam Dunk may have ended years ago, but its legacy and fan following live on to this day. The franchise has a staunch fan base who refuses to put the series down from the pedestal, and rightfully so. The story is filled with some amazing characters, but one of them has always stuck out from the[…]

Anime More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers News

“More than a Married Couple” Anime Celebrates Good Couples Day

The official website of “More than a Married Couple, but Not Lovers” has released a third promotional video for the currently ongoing anime series with a special illustration to commemorate an event that suits the series nicely. On November 22, which is celebrated as “Good Couples Day” in Japan[…]

Anime Lookism News

‘Lookism’ Anime will be Available on Netflix From December 8

The anime adaptation of the South Korean webtoon Lookism has received a new premiere date of December 8. The Netflix exclusive series was previously scheduled to release on November 4 had to be delayed.
The premiere was postponed in the light of the tragic incident that took place on October 29 in the Itaewon district of Seoul, where a Halloween stampede […]

Anime News One Piece Odyssey - Game

New One Piece Odyssey Trailer Shows Hysteria and Bond Arts!

One Piece Odyssey will be arriving in a couple of months and from the looks of it, fans certainly want to give it a try. Following the earlier pattern of Alabasta, a second gameplay trailer has been revealed which shows more of the Water 7 area, with some other combat features not mentioned before[…]

Anime Kaiji News

Kaiji Anime’s English Dub Reveals Cast and November 28 Debut

On November 21, the streaming service HIDIVE revealed that the English dub for the Kaiji television anime series will debut along with the first nine episodes on November 28. The streaming service also announced the cast list.
The Kaiji anime is based on the manga series by Nobuyuki Fukumoto. The plot of Kaiji revolves aroundits eponymous protagonist […]

Anime Isekai Ojisan News

Episode 8 of ‘Isekai Ojisan’ to Finally Broadcast This Week

‘Uncle From Another World’ gives us a refreshing take on the stale and cliche isekai genre. Due to this, the anime rose to popularity in no time, only to be brought down by the Covid-19 infection that affected the production team. The franchise decided to rebroadcast the entire anime from[…]

Anime HIDIVE News Tsurune

HIDIVE to Stream Season 2 of Archery Anime ‘Tsurune’ in 2023

A new rival awaits Minato in ‘Tsurune,’ and it’s someone that the protagonist is pretty familiar with. In season 1 and the film, we enjoyed the sweet friendship and fiery rivalry between Minato and Shu, but now it’s time for a new opponent. Unlike what we expected, this new rival Eisuke is more[…]