Anime Inu-Oh News

Folklore Anime Film Inu-Oh Unveils Two New Teasers for Early Summer Debut

Inu-Oh is Masaaki Yuasa’s brainchild that features a tale of rebellion through art by those who are born different. As the eccentric dancer-musician duo Inu-Oh and Tomona make their way through people’s hearts, it’s still a long way till they’re accepted as a part of society. Masaaki Yuasa is[…]

Anime News When Will Ayumu Make His Move?

When will Ayumu Make His Move? Anime Reveals an Endearing New Teaser

We do all kinds of foolish things when we get a crush, and so did Ayumu, who makes a promise to himself that he’ll confess only after he beats his crush in a game of shogi. The stupid part is that his crush is the president of his school’s shogi club, so When Will Ayumu Make His Move? Not[…]

Anime News Shadowverse

Shadowverse Flame Anime Unveils 1st PV Ft. Characters for April Debut

Anime series adapted from video games have become a trend in recent years, and Shadowverse is one fine example of it. But don’t be fooled by how cheerful and innocent the anime looks, as it involves loads of action and intense plotlines. It is based around a video game called Shadowverse that[…]

Fire Force Manga News

Mangaka Atsushi Hints at Fire Force Manga Getting Over in Next Few Chapters

The, quite literally, fiery manga Fire Force recently entered its final arc, causing an uproar in the fandom as people went crazy with the speculations. Amid the chaos and excitement, we all failed to realize that this would be the story’s FINAL arc. Yes, the dread did set in eventually, but[…]

Anime Arknights News

Arknights Anime Unveils Visual Feat. the Protagonists and the Antagonists

Since 2020, we’ve all started relating to every other post-apocalyptic series or game that has ever existed. However, Arknights is one game in particular that we connected to the most given its premise. It is set on the planet Terra, much like our Earth, where natural disasters known as[…]

Anime Netflix News Scott Pilgrim

Netflix and Universal Studio Join Forces for a Scott Pilgrim Anime Series

One of the most batshit crazy stories I’ve come across is O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim. While the movie has received mixed reactions and heavy criticism, it still managed to gain immense popularity with some hardcore fans. The legend of Scott fighting the League of Evil Exes to be with his true[…]

Anime Delicious Party Precure News

Delicious Party Precure Anime Unveils a Sparkling PV for Feb Premiere

Sometimes, all you wanna do is watch an anime with magical girls saving the world by taking a valuable recipe book back where it belongs. Too specific? Well, if you liked that concept, then you’ll love Delicious Party Precure anime. You already know the basic plot, and honestly, the story is[…]

Anime News Teppen—!!!

Teppen—!!! Manga Based on a Comedian Trio Receives Anime for 2022

We’ve seen numerous anime from the comedy genre, but have you seen one based on aspiring comedians? Well, if not, then Teppen—!!! is here to give you a taste of it. Comedians are the only people who can make people laugh at a tragedy and make money out of it, and I consider that to be pretty[…]

Anime Laid-Back Camp News

Laid-Back Camp Reveals a TV Ad and Candid Visual for Upcoming Anime Film

Laid-Back Camp is hands down my favorite comfort anime ever. Nothing can ever top the warmth and feelings of ease that it radiates, and I know all fans of this show will agree to that. Ever since the franchise came into existence, it has given us the story in different ways, such as manga[…]

Anime News Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie Anime’s New Visual is Making Hearts Flutter

I know we all fawn over the classic romantic tropes, but you can’t deny that the unconventional pairs have a charm of their own. One such genre is the ever-so-lovely ‘soft shy guy with a cool dominating girl,’ and Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie manga is the perfect example of it. Izumi-kun was[…]

Anime News Shadows House

Gothic Mystery Anime Shadows House Confirms Season 2 Debut in July

Shadows House is the kind of anime that will give you horrid jumpscares followed by a wholesome moment to level it out. In a place where lively and kawaii human assistants accompany a menacing dark shadow, you can only guess just how many tragedies have been swept under the rug. When the[…]

Anime News The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten PV Reveal Confirms Anime Adaptation

Amane Fujimiya had no idea that his small act of kindness would result in him getting closer to his school’s angel, Mahiru Shiina. The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten is a beautiful love story of a couple who are most unlikely even to become friends. The story features the classic ‘average guy[…]