Every Easter Egg Reference to the 1989 Road House in the 2024 Version

The 2024 Road House remake pays homage to the original 1989 film by incorporating callbacks and references. Despite being a remake, it strives to carve out its own identity by adopting unique story elements and plot devices. For example, it gives Dalton a contemporary twist by portraying him as a former UFC fighter. Unlike Patrick Swayze’s Dalton, who had his mentor Wade Garrett, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Dalton is a lone wolf, intentionally avoiding close connections.

Interestingly, the remake also introduces changes that arguably enhance the original storyline. However, it doesn’t forget its roots: throughout the film, viewers can spot easter eggs and narrative parallels that pay homage to the 1989 version. Some of these nods are obvious, while others require a keen eye to notice.

In the Road House remake (2024), there’s a clear nod to the original film through the central bar’s logo. While the pub in the remake appears slightly more sophisticated than the one in the 1989 version, the filmmakers intentionally echo the gritty, vibrant atmosphere of the original. 

They achieve this by incorporating aesthetic elements, such as using a similar font for the logo. This not only pays homage to the original’s legacy but also captures the campy and edgy charm that made the 1989 film so appealing.

2. Symbolic Tattoos

In the original Road House, Patrick Swayze’s character, Dalton, didn’t have any visible tattoos. However, in the 2024 remake, Jake Gyllenhaal sports tattoos on his neck, chest, and forearm. Interestingly, Gyllenhaal has shared that these tattoos hold a deeper meaning: they honor Patrick Swayze himself. 

Every Easter Egg Reference to the 1989 Road House in the 2024 Version
Road House 2024 | Source: IMDb

While he hasn’t revealed the specifics of how these tattoos connect to the original film, their presence adds an intriguing layer. It’s a subtle yet heartfelt tribute to Swayze’s legacy, showcasing Gyllenhaal’s dedication to his role and the art of filmmaking.

3. The Name “Dalton”

In both Road House films, the protagonists share the last name Dalton. However, the 2024 remake sets itself apart by altering the first name of Jake Gyllenhaal’s character. While Patrick Swayze’s character was James Dalton, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Dalton has a different first name: Elwood Dalton.

4. The Double Deuce

In the original Road House, the central pub is named “The Double Deuce”. However, in the 2024 remake, it opts for the more straightforward name “The Road House”. Despite this change, the remake cleverly includes a subtle reference to the original. 

When Jake Gyllenhaal’s character arrives at the central “The Road House” pub, the camera briefly pans to a nearby restaurant named “The Double Deuce”, directly acknowledging the original film’s iconic setting.

5. Dalton’s Action Scenes

In the original Road House, there’s an iconic moment where Dalton engages in a brutal fight with Reno and rips out his throat, resulting in a fatal outcome. While the Road House remake doesn’t exactly replicate this finishing move, it does include a similar throat attack during a fight scene. 

In the final moments, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Dalton discovers that Brandt’s men burned down Charlie and Stephen’s bookstore. Fueled by anger over Brandt’s actions, he confronts one of Brandt’s henchmen and delivers a powerful punch to the throat, causing a slow and painful demise.

6. Black Coffee

In the original Road House, when Patrick Swayze’s Dalton arrives at The Double Deuce, he requests a black coffee from the bartender. This simple act reveals that his primary purpose for being there is to assess the surroundings and begin his task of cleaning up the place.

Similarly, in the Road House remake, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Dalton exhibits a comparable level of professionalism. On his first day at the central pub, he also opts for black coffee, mirroring Swayze’s character. This choice allows him to carefully understand the situation and assess what needs to be done.

7. Background Music

In both films, the central roadhouses feature live bands performing behind a chicken wire fence. While both movies incorporate a diverse set of songs as background scores, some of their most iconic fight scenes are accompanied by live music in the main settings. 

This not only draws parallels between the Road House remake and the original but also enhances the film’s immersive and visceral experience for audiences during intense fight sequences.

8. Nobody Ever Wins A Fight

In the Road House remake, despite significant changes to Dalton’s backstory, the lesson he learns from his past fighting experiences aligns with the original film’s main character’s wisdom: “Nobody ever wins a fight.” Both characters, despite their incredible and nearly invincible fighting abilities, recognize that the consequences of a fight are always dire, regardless of the outcome.

Every Easter Egg Reference to the 1989 Road House in the 2024 Version
Road House 1989 | Source: IMDb

9. The Nickname “Doc”

Daniela Melchior plays Ellie, who serves as Dalton’s love interest. The film’s opening establishes her as a doctor, earning her the nickname “Doc” from Dalton. In the original Road House, Dalton’s love interest is Dr. Elizabeth Clay (portrayed by Kelly Lynch), who also receives the moniker “Doc” from the main character. Additionally, while Ellie is depicted as the Sheriff’s daughter in the remake, the original reveals that Elizabeth is the niece of auto parts store owner Red Webster.

10. The Showdown

In the 1989 version, Dalton and Jimmy engage in their first showdown at the central bar, but their fight is interrupted when Brandt steps in and asks Jimmy to stop. Similarly, in the Road House remake, Dalton faces off against Knox in a tense bar fight. 

However, this time, Dalton willingly steps back because the fight serves as a stark reminder that violence brings out the worst in him. Unwilling to confront his darker impulses, Dalton chooses to walk away from The Road House.

11. Ben Brandt

Ben Gazzara’s character, Brad Wesley, makes a ruthless entrance by knocking out O’Connor due to his failure to complete a task. However, the Road House remake adds a humorous twist to this scene. In the remake, Billy Magnussen’s Ben Brandt is aboard his boat, getting a shave from his barber while his henchmen discuss Dalton. When the barber accidentally cuts Brandt’s skin, he becomes infuriated and takes out his frustration on the boat’s captain, knocking him out cold.

12. Jimmy Reno’s Appearance

In the original Road House, Jimmy Reno makes a memorable entrance at the central bar by using a pool cue to beat up several men and create chaos. Meanwhile, in the Road House remake, Conor McGregor’s Knox doesn’t wield a cue, but he opts for a golf club to inflict damage and sow chaos upon his arrival. 

The use of these makeshift weapons symbolizes both characters’ violent tendencies and their determination to assert dominance over Dalton.

13. Knox Setting the Compound on Fire

In the original Road House, Jimmy Reno demonstrates his extreme measures by setting Emmett’s home on fire. Meanwhile, in the remake, Conor McGregor’s Knox takes it up a notch by setting an entire compound on fire during his introductory montage, right after stealing a man’s coat. 

Later in the film, similar to Jimmy and Wesley’s men who destroy Red Webster’s auto shop by burning it down, Charlie and Stephen’s bookstore also falls victim to an arson attack orchestrated by Brandt’s men. The flames play a significant role in both versions, leaving a trail of destruction and chaos.

14. Dalton’s Personality

In both Road House movies, Dalton is a cool-headed character who avoids fighting unless absolutely necessary. However, both versions of Dalton are haunted by their past demons.

Patrick Swayze’s Dalton is tormented by memories of killing a man in self-defense. Jake Gyllenhaal’s Dalton grapples with the idea that he killed his friend during an MMA bout.

While both backstories add depth to the protagonists, the Road House remake’s exploration of Dalton’s past arguably resonates more emotionally.

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15. About Road House

Road House is an American action film serving as a remake of the 1989 film of the same name.

Directed by Doug Liman, from a screenplay by Anthony Bagarozzi and Chuck Mondry, and stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Daniela Melchior, Conor McGregor, and Billy Magnussen. Joel Silver produces the film, as he did with the original. It is set to be released by Amazon MGM Studios Distribution.

Road House released on Amazon Prime Video on March 21, 2024.

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