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RWBY Acquired By VIZ Media, Will Continue Production

This week, we witnessed the unwavering resilience of a beloved animated series. Despite its parent company undergoing reorganization and the studio behind it shutting down, the series’ future was saved. The acquisition of the ‘RWBY’ rights by VIZ Media following the closure of Rooster Teeth is a cause for celebration.

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RWBY: Arrowfell To Launch On November 15

On October 31, WayForward announced that its upcoming RWBY: Arrowfell game for the RWBY franchise will launch for Ninendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox 1, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam on November 15 in USA and Europe.
The company released a trailer along with revealing the release date. As seen in the trailer, […]

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RWBY: The Official Manga Returns for The Beacon Arc in Summer

The RWBY anime franchise became a viral hit all over the world since its release in 2013. RWBY is an American project which has anime-influenced artwork. The official manga of RWBY was released in November 2018 and reached its conclusion in June 2020. RWBY: The Official Manga Vol. 1 will be returning with the Beacon […]