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Top 10 Countries where Anime is Most Popular and Why!

Have you heard of the saying “What you Watch is What you Are”? If not, then have you been told how the TV shows you’re watching says a lot about your personality? Well, these sayings are true to a certain extent when we’re talking about individuals. But what if you’re talking about […]

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Check Stand By Me Doraemon 2’s EXCITING Trailer & Poster!

Some of our fondest childhood memories are the cartoons that we grew up watching. Though each generation has their own favorite cartoons, Doraemon is familiar to most of us. The daily adventures of Nobita with Doraemon, the robot cat from the future, have been a constant source of fun and laughter. The Doraemon franchise has […]

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Doraemon Movie 40 Revealed New PV & More for August 7 Premiere

Doraemon has been on television for almost 41 years, if we don’t count its original 1973 – 26 episode run. The show has been entertaining children since 1979 and has been a household name for kids worldwide. Although it is a children’s show, it pulls in viewers of all age groups because of its nostalgic […]


Doraemon New Movie Teaser Updates

Recently the Official Toho movie channel revealed the teaser of the upcoming Doraemon movie. Staff for the Doraemon anime series revealed the teaser video for the 2020 Doraemon film as well. This will be the 40th Doraemon movie.  The title of the movie is Doraemon The Movie: Nobita’s New Dinosaur, and it will open in March 2020. Here is […]