Documentary Reviews Wrinkles The Clown

Is Wrinkles the Clown Worth Watching? Full Review

Based on the massive blockbuster success of Joker and IT, you would think that a documentary that follows the life of a real-life scary clown would be a resounding success. Wrinkles the Clown manages to shoot itself in the foot with a deliberate twist in the middle that damages the credibility of the documentary and […]

Anime The Garden of Sinners Watch Order

How to The Garden of Sinners? The Complete Watch Order

The Garden of Sinners is an extremely thought-provoking anime. It makes your existence and purpose. The anime is impactful and makes you take a step back and reflect on your own actions. The story of The Garden of Sinners is like no other. There is effortlessness in the beauty of the portrayal of kindness and […]

Anime Bungou Stray Dogs Netflix Watch Order

How to Watch Bungou Stray Dogs? The Complete Watch Order

Dramatic, mysterious, and underrated, Bungou Stray Dogs is the love child of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Sherlock Holmes. Doppo Kunikida | Source: IMDb The anime is a series of smooth transitions between nonsensical behavior of its characters, and intense deductions followed by epic battles. The weaponry used in these battles is a fantastic fusion of […]

Amazon Prime Documentary Renegade: The Life Story of David Icke Reviews

Renegade: The Life Story of David Icke – A Complete Review

David Icke has been a controversial figure for several years. The football player turned sportscaster and news reporter claimed that he had finally “awakened” to his purpose in the 1990s. Icke has garnered a massive fan following and has written tens of books David Icke | Source: Pinterest Icke is considered a crazy conspiracy theorist […]

Anime Toradora Watch Order

How To Watch Toradora? The Complete Watch Order!

Love is intricate and involuted. At the same time, it’s effortless and heart-warming. Toradora tackles these complexities of love in an uncomplicated plot. It shows how regular people in a mundane setting go through a multitude of emotions when it comes to love. Toradora | Source: Pinterest A clichéd show with stereotypical characters takes a […]

Amazon Prime News The Boys TV Series

Amazon’s Superhero Satire The Boys Season 2 Premieres in September

Your favourite superhero satire is officially back for a second season in this fall. On June 27, Amazon announced the premiere date for season two of their hit Original dark comedy, The Boys and also hinted on the plotline. When is The Boys season 2 out? The first three episodes of the series will premiere […]

Amazon Prime Cracker Reviews TV Series

Cracker Review – Is It Worth Watching? Is it good?

It was a triumphant moment for Granada entertainment, the production company behind the British drama Cracker, when they announced that the show was being reproduced for American audiences. Cracker | Source: IMDb While the drama was a massive hit in the U.K. and got excellent ratings, Cracker bombed in America. The series, which was initially […]

7500 Amazon Prime Movies Reviews

Is 7500 any good? Will it be worth your time?

The film has been directed by Patrick Vollrath, an Oscar nominee for his 2015 short film Everything Will Be Okay. 7500 stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a commercial airline pilot stuck in a hijack situation. 7500 | Source: IMDb The film derives its title from the air traffic control code for being hijacked. The single-setting, minimalist […]

Amazon Prime Bosch Reviews TV Series

Bosch Review – Should you watch this Amazon drama?

The return of the sixth season of Bosch brings with it a feeling of familiarity and comfort. Amazon’s enduring drama that first aired in 2014 has managed to produce season after season of gripping police investigation and action. In a world where shows on streaming services are trying to out-wit, out-crazy, or out-think the competition […]

Anime News Rick & Morty

After a brilliant season 4, here’s all about Rick and Morty 5!

After what seemed a very long time, the fourth season of Rick and Morty came to a close this Sunday. By long I don’t mean the season was a drag but it just made the fans wait a lot. But I think Rick and Morty has proven to be the Birkin Bag of TV animations […]

Movies News TV Series

Here’s a list of everything new on your favorite streamers!

Looking for new things to watch this weekend? Here is a list of everything coming to your favourite streaming portals from June 5 to 7. Before that, we have some highlights though. The first weekend of any new month is important for all streaming websites. While Netflix has a bunch of originals premiering this first […]

A Certain Magical/ Scientific Series Anime Watch Order

A Certain Scientific Railgun: Guide to How & When to Watch

When discussing the topic of science vs. religion concerning A Certain Magical/Scientific Series, it is quite crucial to consider the events occurring in both the magical and the scientific realm. A Certain Scientific Railgun contributes to the scientific, which is quite clear from its name. While both A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific […]