Is All Might dead or going to die?

Is All Might dead or going to die?

A question has been buzzing in the minds of My Hero Academia fans since Season 3 came to a close. Now, the manga readers may be ahead of us in what they know but that won’t stop us from theorizing with the facts we have! Table Of ContentsQuick AnswerSir...
My Hero Academia Season 4 Updates – New Trailer and Key Visuals Revealed

My Hero Academia Heroes Rising Movie Updates

My Hero Academia has been exceedingly popular since its early days. The most intriguing part of MHA is how it manages to explore the aspects of being a hero and a villain better than the rest of the mainstream manga/anime. Like always the franchise has something...
My Hero Academia Reveals Why Tomura Shigaraki Wears Hands

Shigaraki’s First Murder Revealed in MHA

There have already been some disturbing deaths in My Hero Academia. But today we are going to discuss Shigaraki’s first murder. Before this, let’s discuss My Hero Academia Season 4. My Hero Academia Season 4 Events The Big 3 will reveal their quirks or...

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