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Mirko Appreciation Post: List of Injuries, Total Contribution And More

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from My Hero Academia ( Manga).

Mirko, Rabbit Hero is the Number 5 superhero in Japan. She is absolutely incredible and contributed a lot to the Paranormal Liberation arc.

She blasted through the Nomus with absolute brute strength and moved forward. Despite being gravely injured, she used the last of her strength to stop Tomura from coming back.

She is an absolute legend and deserves all the appreciation.

Mirko contributed a lot to the Paranormal Liberation Arc. She found Kyudai and fought through multiple High-End Nomus to stop Shigaraki from coming to life. She lost her forearm and leg in the process.

Mirko’s Contribution to the Paranormal Liberation War

Mirko is assigned to the Jaku General Hospital to raid along with many other Superheroes. Endeavour gets busy helping the patients evacuate from the hospital.

Mirko goes ahead to locate Kyudai Garaki’s laboratory where the Nomu’s are being manufactured. As she goes through the hallways she notices several hybrid Nomu’s starting to emerge.

She quickly takes care of them without any unnecessary moments showing her experience. Upon confronting Kyudai, she faces a dilemma not knowing if he is real or a double.

Despite that, she takes it upon herself to confine Kyudai. However, before she can injure Kyudai, another Nomu interferes and this gives the bastard time to release incomplete High-End Nomus.

Mirko Appreciation Post: List of Injuries, Total Contribution & More
Mirko’s attack interrupted by small Nomu | Source: Fandom

She manages to survive the attacks by the High ends which take them by surprise. She continues fighting the High ends but she starts losing the upper hand as the fight progresses.

Despite the injuries she receives, she decides to go after Kyudai and Tomura in his capsule. Before she can smash the capsule, a High-End Nomu pierces through her leg.

She doesn’t give up showing her determination and breaks through the capsule. At this point, she is gravely injured.

Tomura somehow manages to come to life and starts decaying the building. Thanks to Endeavour who carries her outside, she survives.

Mirko Appreciation Post: List of Injuries, Total Contribution & More
Mirko Vs High-End Nomus | Source: Fandom

List of Injuries

After the Paranormal Liberation Arc, Mirko suffers multiple Injuries. She loses her forearm and leg and barely manages to survive the war with the help of Endeavour.

Mirko Appreciation Post: List of Injuries, Total Contribution & More
Mirko After Paranormal Liberation War | Source: Fandom

She receives a prosthetic arm and leg during her recovery. Despite this, she doesn’t get discouraged and still shows the same level of determination.

She goes to the final war not with regret of losing an arm and a leg but with regret of not being able to stop Shigaraki.

During the Final War Arc, she loses her robotic arm and leg against Tomura’s attack. She then loses her right arm to Decay.

Telling that she doesn’t want to regret anything, she releases ‘Luna Rush’. Seeing her dash towards him creates fear on his face and he is sent flying!

Mirko’s Fate

It seems highly unlikely that Mirko will survive at this point. She is basically armless and has lost one leg. She also suffered a lot of damage from the fight against Tomura.

Although it is highly unlikely that Mirko will survive, we can only wait and watch.

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On one fateful day, he meets All Might the greatest Hero of all time and discovers that he was quirkless as well. With his diligent attitude and unwavering spirit about being a hero, Midoriya manages to impress All Might. He is chosen to be the heir to the power of One for All.

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