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My Hero Academia Reveals 25 Episodes for Season 5 and Cast for 1st Holder of One For All

My Hero Academia Season 5 is finally gearing up to steal the fans’ attention. Although Episode 0 had premiered in March, we all know that the actual plot starts with the latest episode titled “Vestiges.” With some old characters who have been dug up from the past, the new episode was not big[…]

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Epic Clash Between Mirko #5 Hero vs. High-End Nomus In The Latest Chapter

The strongest power of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Nomus, have shown insane brute strength coupled with multiple quirk retention since their introduction in the attack on U.A. Recently chapter 263, titled “Mirko – The no. 5 Hero”, showed a high-octane fight between Mirko and four High-end Nomus. The fight clearly shows how powerful the top […]