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MHA Season 6 Starts with the Heroes Busting Garaki’s Hospital

My Hero Academia is back with its sixth season, and it’s just as outstanding as ever. The opening and ending themes are on point, righteousness is oozing out of every moment, and the heroes seem to have gotten a jump start.

The only problem? It can only go down from here. No, I don’t mean the episode quality; I mean the fate of the heroes. While starting on a good note has made fans happy, I doubt things will be this easy.

Episode 1 of My Hero Academia season 6 debuted on October 1 and is being streamed by Crunchyroll. While an episode count has not been confirmed, it has been announced that the season will have two cours. So you can expect 24 episodes from the anime.

The first episode began with a short summary of the previous string of events. Deku explained everything starting with the formation of the Paranormal Liberation Front. The episode is titled “A Quiet Beginning.”

As soon as the synopsis was over, we jumped right into the scene where the heroes were preparing to face the Paranormal Liberation Front. Most of Class A has been assigned to the rear guard except Kaminari since his quirk allows a long-distance range.

MHA Season 6 Starts with the Heroes Busting in Garaki’s Hospital
Class 1A Ready for Battle | Source: Crunchyroll

Next, Endeavor is seen storming Kyudai Garaki’s hospital to stop him from completing Shigaraki’s metamorphosis. Unfortunately, he was just a duplicate created by using Twice’s quirk.

Garakai had anticipated the heroes’ next move and wholly devoted himself to Shigaraki while his duplicate performed his hospital duties.

MHA Season 6 Starts with the Heroes Busting in Garaki’s Hospital
Dr. Kyudai Garaki | Source: Crunchyroll

Mirko broke through his enclosure and faced him, asking if he’s the real deal.

I doubt that the heroes will get a stronghold this easily, and the next episode might show Mirko being overthrown. A chilling sight were the innumerable quirks that Garaki had obtained and stored.

Episode 1 of season 6 did end on a positive note, but I doubt how long this sense of accomplishment will last for the heroes.

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Source: Episode 1 of MHA season 6

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