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All Might’s Original Form and Quirk

My Hero Academia has churned out heroes after heroes, each with their own specific quirks and personalities. However, the number one position (in our hearts at least) will always belong to the symbol of peace – All Might. Since the very beginning, he has impressed the fans with his charisma and […]

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Tatsuki Fujimoto’s ‘Goodbye, Eri’ One-Shot Wins Over Fans on Debut

The Chainsaw Man manga might be on a break, but its creator, Tatsuki Fujimoto, is not. Ever since the manga’s first season ended, Fujimoto-sensei has planned and released one-shot manga to keep his audience entertained. His latest release is “Goodbye, Eri” which will leave you wondering about[…]

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Umibe no Etranger Promises Arrival on Funimation with New Subbed PV in July

The Umibe no Etranger anime film brings to us a tale of two strangers who have crossed paths during the worst of their life. When you are already at the lowest, you can only go up, and thus begins Shun and Mio’s story of blooming affection. Funimation is making sure that Shun and Mio’s story is[…]

Manga My Hero Academia

Is Aizawa married? Does Eraserhead have a daughter?

My Hero Academia has a plethora of unique characters who fans have come to know and love. Among them all, UA High School faculty member, Shota “Eraserhead” Aizawa is one of the most noteworthy. In addition to teaching the disorderly band of young heroes in Class 1-A, his upfront manner and sleepy nature, makes him […]

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Lemillion Is Back In Action! But How Did He Get His Quirk Back?

Lemillion’s final stand against Overhaul and him losing his quirk was one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the Shie Hassaikai Arc. Nobody expected the aspiring #1 Hero to make a comeback amidst the chaos in Volume 30. Yet, the Big Three hero, Lemillion, appeared with a power-packed punch to […]

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My Hero Academia Throws Light on Mysterious Eri

My Hero Academia is venturing forth into the Shie Hassaikai Arc with its fourth season. Overhaul, the main arcs antagonist, has tried to keep his plan a secret but looks like the heroes are onto his trail. Episode 69, titled “An Unpleasant Talk”, showcases a meeting organised by Sir Nighteye. With the evidence collected by […]