Lemillion Is Back In Action! But How Did He Get His Quirk Back?

Lemillion’s final stand against Overhaul and him losing his quirk was one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the Shie Hassaikai Arc. Nobody expected the aspiring #1 Hero to make a comeback amidst the chaos in Volume 30 of My Hero Academia.

Yet, the Big Three hero, Lemillion, appeared with a power-packed punch to save the day in Chapter 292. Deku and the rest of the heroes were struggling against the Noumu, Shigaraki, and his newly acquired power.

Togata’s impromptu comeback surprised not only Deku and the team but also fans, including myself! The young hero had been out of action for about half a year after losing his quirk.

It seemed like Mirio’s dreams of being a great hero had been put on hold, if not, crushed entirely! However, it looks like Mirio will live up to Nighteye’s final vision of him becoming a great hero after all.

Mirio Togata, aka Lemillion, gets his quirk back after a long 6 months hiatus and returns to the frontlines to save a million lives, as promised! Eri manages to use her quirk “Rewind” to bring Lemillion’s Permeation quirk back in Chapter 292 of My Hero Academia.

1. Mirio: Big Three to Quirkless to Back-in-Action!

Lemillion was part of the group of pro-heroes involved in the raid on the Shie Hassaikai in Chapter 138. The granddaughter of the former Yakuza boss, Eri, was born with an unusual quirk and was being exploited by Chisaki, the current leader.

Her quirk, ‘Rewind,’ was being used to make a quirk-destroying drug. The drug was made using Eri’s DNA and blood as the base and also made into bullets. These targeted the gene responsible for quirk factors and damaged it.

Chisaki planned to return the Yakuza to power by monopolizing the sale of these quirk-destroying bullets and the antidote– essentially controlling the possession of quirks itself.

Eri was constantly manipulated and mistreated by Chisaki. He used his quirk on her– repeatedly hurting her and fixing her while making the bullets. The main goal of the raid was to find and rescue Eri.

Lemillion Is Back In Action! But How Did He Get His Quirk Back?
Lemillion | Source: Fandom

However, Chisaki found out about the raid the very same day and took measures against it. The heroes were stopped by obstacles every step of the way.

Lemillion went ahead of the other heroes using his ‘Permeation’ quirk to find and rescue Eri. He ended up confronting Chisaki and his henchmen alone.

In Chapter 152, Chisaki threw the quirk-destroying bullets to one of his men, Shin, during the fight.  Lemillion was tricked using Eri as bait and ended up putting himself between her and Shin’s gun. He was hit by a quirk-destroying bullet and instantly lost his quirk.

2. How Does He Get His Quirk Back?

The heroes planned to have Eri restore Lemillion’s quirk if possible once she learned to control her quirk. Using her ‘Rewind’ quirk, she could undo the damage to the gene responsible for Lemillion’s quirk.

Since Eri couldn’t control her quirk, she was placed under U.A.’s care. This way, Aizawa could keep an eye on her and erase her quirk if she happened to lose control.

In Chapter 217, Aizawa tried to have Monoma copy Eri’s quirk so he could learn how to use it and teach her. However, Monoma could not copy it since his quirk cannot copy quirks that rely on accumulated power or energy.

Lemillion Is Back In Action! But How Did He Get His Quirk Back?
Monoma Tries To Copy Eri’s Quirk | Source: Fandom

Since being under U.A.’s wing, Eri has grown attached to Mirio and Midoriya. She began training under Aizawa after Midoriya motivated her on Christmas. She also practiced on lizards and insects since she wanted to help Mirio.

Eri was finally shown restoring Mirio’s quirk in Chapter 293 after Mirio requested her to test her power on him. This gave Mirio a chance to join the battle against the Paranormal Liberation Front.

2.1 What Is Eri’s Quirk?

Eri’s quirk is called ‘Rewind.’ It allows her to rewind any living thing, including humans, to a previous state. Her quirk accumulates power over time. As her power grows, the horn on the side of her head grows as well.

Lemillion Is Back In Action! But How Did He Get His Quirk Back?
Eri | Source: Fandom

Chisaki weaponized Eri’s power to make a quirk-destroying drug and bullets. Since being rescued from Chisaki, Eri has been training to control her quirk under the care of Aizawa and U.A.

2.2 Can Eri Heal Aizawa too?

Shigaraki had managed to salvage one of the quirk-destroying bullets from the hospital wreckage in Chapter 273. Moments before Lemillion made an entrance, Aizawa was shot in the leg in Chapter 282 by the quirk-destroying bullet.

To preserve his quirk, Aizawa cut off his leg without hesitation. Eri could heal Aizawa’s leg, but considering the level of technology and support items available, Aizawa would not agree to use Eri like that.

3. Lemillion: The Next Symbol of Peace?

Mirio is strong and ever optimistic. Sir Nighteye believed he could be the next Symbol of Peace and considered him the best successor to All Might. Now that Mirio has gotten his quirk back, Sir Nighteye’s final vision of Mirio becoming a great hero could come true.

Lemillion Is Back In Action! But How Did He Get His Quirk Back?
Lemillion | Source: Fandom

Mirio was already stronger than most pro heroes before losing his quirk. When he was quirkless, he continued to train his body. Even after a hiatus of nearly six months, he didn’t lose his skill and power in using his quirk.

As of Chapter 310, All Might has long since retired, Endeavour’s reputation is in tatters, heroes are handing in resignations all over the country, and Midoriya has left U.A. and is now a vigilante.

Now more than ever, the people need a hero like Lemillion, who is optimistic and can back up his words of encouragement just like All Might.

This would be a perfect opportunity for Lemillion to make his way to the top and become the #3 if not the #1 hero in the country.

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4. About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. It has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since July 2014, with its chapters additionally collected in 37 tankōbon volumes as of February 2023.

It follows a quirkless boy Izuku Midoriya and how he backed the greatest Hero alive. Midoriya, a boy who has been admiring heroes and their ventures since the day he was born, came into this world without a quirk, where almost everybody is born with one.

On one fateful day, he meets All Might the greatest Hero of all time and discovers that he was quirkless as well. With his diligent attitude and unwavering spirit about being a hero, Midoriya manages to impress All Might. He is chosen to be the heir to the power of One for All.


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