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Umibe no Etranger Promises Arrival on Funimation with New Subbed PV in July

The Umibe no Etranger anime film brings to us a tale of two strangers who have crossed paths during the worst of their life. When you are already at the lowest, you can only go up, and thus begins Shun and Mio’s story of blooming affection. Funimation is making sure that Shun and Mio’s story is[…]

Grand Blue Manga News

Grand Blue Manga’s Resumes! Will Kitahara Be Able To Prove His Innocence??

Inoue Kenji’s Grand Blue manga is about everything: romance, comedy, or thriller, with diving and college life being the central theme. Kitahara’s nature attracts everyone towards him, but that also means attracting a lot of trouble. What he thought would be his ideal everyday college life[…]

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The Stranger On The Beach Anime Film: Trailer, Cast and More

Sometimes, the most heart touching tale is created when two individuals discover love and nurture it between themselves. What indeed is more beautiful than humans, feeling that string of love tugging inside their chest? The Stranger on the Beach or Umibe no Étranger depicts a tale of two guys who accept each other as well […]