Anime Fanfare of Adolescence News

Fanfare of Adolescence Unveils Theme Song Artists and Visual Feat. the MCs

Even after being an original anime, Fanfare of Adolescence has become one of the most anticipated releases of 2022. Additionally, the show being sports-themed adds more to the hype. Following three young boys with unique personalities and different backgrounds, this horse racing anime will[…]

Anime Aoashi News

Ao Ashi Spinoff Goes on A Break! Announces Continuation of Shun’s Story

With the announcement of the anime adaptation next year and the recent spinoff, everything was going great for Ao Ashi fans. Every fanbase has to face a little hiccup every now and then, but this one brings some good news. It is rare when a manga goes on a break after just a month[…]

Anime News The Stranger by the Beach

Umibe no Etranger Promises Arrival on Funimation with New Subbed PV in July

The Umibe no Etranger anime film brings to us a tale of two strangers who have crossed paths during the worst of their life. When you are already at the lowest, you can only go up, and thus begins Shun and Mio’s story of blooming affection. Funimation is making sure that Shun and Mio’s story is[…]

Anime News So I'm A Spider, So What?

Crunchyroll Unveils A 10 Minute Preview Of Episode 1 Of “So I’m A Spider, So What?”

Survival in an Isekai world is tough, but, it is tougher if you are an eight legged spider. Kumoko, our adorable arachnid heroine suddenly finds herself reincarnated into a world of monsters after her whole class gets killed in an explosion. Now she is in a fight for her survival in the new “So […]