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Fanfare of Adolescence Unveils Theme Song Artists and Visual Feat. the MCs

Even after being an original anime, Fanfare of Adolescence has become one of the most anticipated releases of 2022. Additionally, the show being sports-themed adds more to the hype.

Following three young boys with unique personalities and different backgrounds, this horse racing anime will introduce us to diverse perspectives regarding the same matter.

All three protagonists bear one goal in mind, to become the world’s best jockey.

But recently, we all got to know that there’s more to this story and that Yu, Amane, and Shun aren’t the only ones the show is focused on.

Fanfare of Adolescence (Gunjou no Fanfare) anime has revealed a new key visual featuring all the characters for its upcoming spring 2022 premiere. 

Fanfare of Adolescence Unveils Theme Song Artists & Visual Feat. the MCs
Fanfare of Adolescence Key Visual | Source: Official Website

The visual features the protagonists, Yu Arimura, Shun Kazanami, Amane Grace, Aki Kyoriki, Hayato Hosho, Sojiro Sakuraba, Kota Maki, and Eri Shimotsuki.

From the visual, we can infer that everyone’s faces are painted with the most apparent emotions of their personalities. For instance, Shun is a friendly and carefree guy, while Sojiro gives off a cocky yet confident vibe.

Moreover, the franchise also revealed the theme songs and their artists for the anime. The opening theme song is ‘Move the Soul,’ performed by the popular boy band JO1.


Opening theme information


Comments from JO1 leader #Yonashiro Sho, who is in charge of the opening theme announced today, are also open to the public.

TV anime “Fanfare of Adolescence” OP

♫ JO1 “Move The Soul”

#Fanfare of Adolescence # JO1

Twitter Translation, English Translate

The anime’s ending theme is a collab song called ‘Outsiders.’ It will be performed by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] with JO1 members Junki Kono and Shō Yonashiro.


Ending theme information


Comments from Mr. Hiroyuki Sawano, who is in charge of the ED announced today, are also open to the public.

TV anime “Fanfare of Adolescence” ED

♫ Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk]: Junki Kono & Sho Yonashiro (JO1) “OUTSIDERS.”

#Fanfare of Adolescence

#Junki Kono #Sho Yonashiro # JO1

Twitter Translation, English Translate

Theme songs are of utmost importance in anime, especially in the sports genre. We’ve all seen how much more impactful and emotional a scene can get if paired with the right music.

I have no doubts about the show giving us goosebumps with its mesmerizing combination of the songs and the visuals.

About Fanfare of Adolescence

Fanfare of Adolescence is an original anime series by Aniplex scheduled to debut in Spring 2022. It is an upcoming sports anime with horse-racing and youth as its main themes.

The story revolves around three 15-year-old boys with different backgrounds and personalities but with the same goal of becoming a jockey. Their adventure starts when the boys enter a prestigious horse-racing academy that is 10-20 times harder to get in.

Source: Fanfare of Adolescence Anime Official Website

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