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Deer Hunter Ending Explained: What Happened to Nick?

The Deer Hunter, released in 1978, is considered one of the greatest war films ever. Directed by Michael Cimino, it follows three steelworker friends from Pennsylvania – Michael (Robert De Niro), Steven (John Savage), and Nick (Christopher Walken) – who enlist in the army and get sent to the […]

Anime News The Boy and The Heron

“The Boy and The Heron” Earns the New Three-Day Opening Record

Hayao Miyazaki is no less than a magician. After creating legendary blockbuster movies like Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke, he is now back with a new sensation.”The Boy and Heron” was a movie shrouded in so much mystery there was no information on the plot line, nor was[…]

Anime News Phoenix:Eden17

Osamu Tezuka’s “Phoenix: Eden17” Anime to Debut in September 2023

Osamu Tezuka is a legend in the world of manga. He is often called the “God of Manga” and is known for his numerous brilliant works like Blackjack, Astro Boy, and Buddha. Tezuka’s fans always wait for his works to receive an anime adaptation. And when the anime for Phoenix: Eden17 was announced […]