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Who is the Strongest Tailed Beast in Naruto series? Kurama or Ten-Tails?

Naruto is one of the most well-known and popular series both in Japan as well as internationally. One of the reasons behind this is its extensive world that was slowly built over the years. Since its run ended, it has influenced and become the blueprint for many shonen series. With an epic first […]

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Naruto’s New Nine-Tails Form Spells Certain Death

“Do this, and it’s over.” With these words, Kurama allowed Naruto to take on a form that would undoubtedly result in his death. In the latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the situation is dire. From Boruto’s suicide threat to Naruto actually taking on a new form that might kill him, when […]

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Is Boruto a Jinchuriki? Will he Get The Nine-Tails?

Boruto getting the Nine-Tails and becoming a Jinchuriki is a possibility that many fans are entertaining at this point in time. Stemming from two strong bloodlines, Boruto has prodigious talent. He is able to learn techniques quickly and can accomplish anything he attempts. He is deemed to be far […]

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Who is stronger between Susanoo and Kurama?

It’s time to end the most sparkling debate among Naruto fans – who is stronger between Kurama and Susanoo? I believe Ashura Kurama is stronger. The Naruto franchise is one of those popular shows in the 90s that still permeates today’s anime culture even if its sequel, Naruto Shippuden, ended TV production back in 2017. […]

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First look into Boruto’s Shukaku Arc

As we know, Boruto generally focuses on filler arcs. This can be tedious and boring for most fans. But recent updates regarding Boruto’s next arc are cause for much excitement. Fan’s are ecstatic because Sasuke Uchiha is returning. Sasuke will be back in episode 120 of Boruto. Besides this,  a fan translator has translated the episode […]