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Boruto: Is Eida’s Senrigan Really an Otherworldly Power?

The entire Boruto fandom assumed that we would have a minute to breathe after Isshiki’s death; however, our assumption turned to be false as we are slapped with deadly villains who have otherworldly powers like Senrigan. It really caught us all of guard. Not only the badass power but the wielder […]

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Who Dies In Boruto? All Major Character Deaths!

Given the wild success of the Naruto franchise, it isn’t a mystery why the Boruto series has gained so much popularity. With a series this beloved, it’s hard to let go of characters and the universe they’re a part of. Fans always want to know what happened next, how the lives of their favorite […]

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Who Is Boro in Boruto And Can He Fight on Par With Koji?

Remember the good old times when shounen protagonists are completely thrown off guard by the crazy God-tier villains, and then our protagonist would get their background music, and the scene would take a 180 turn? Something similar is about to happen in Boruto.

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How Naruto Villains(Akatsuki) Are Better Than Boruto Villains(Kara) & Why

It has been over two years since Boruto debuted worldwide as a follow up to the classic shonen hit Naruto: Shippuden. Finally, after about 100 episodes, the anime part is also catching up with the manga. However, whether Boruto villains will ever live up to Naruto quality villains is still a matter of debate. 1. […]