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Boruto: Is Eida’s Senrigan Really an Otherworldly Power?

The entire Boruto fandom assumed that we would have a minute to breathe after Isshiki’s death; however, our assumption turned to be false as we are slapped with deadly villains who have otherworldly powers like Senrigan. It really caught us all of guard.

Not only the badass power but the wielder of the power shook the entire fandom. Everyone is whipped for Eida, and I am one of them who believe in Eida supremacy! Senrigan is so dangerous that even the Hokage is in crisis now.

So who exactly is Eida, and what even in the world is Senrigan? Is it worth the hype and will Eida side Boruto? I will answer all these questions in detail below.

Eida is a newly introduced character in the 57th chapter of the manga. Code needs her Senrigan to lift his body limitation placed by Amado. Senrigan is an overpowering skill that grants her the ability to access information in the present and past.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Boruto.

1. Who Is Eida?

After a dangerous encounter with Isshiki and losing a very precious comrade, our leads have started preparing for the worst— Code. Code is a newly introduced antagonist, and he screams trouble.

Isshiki has commanded him to carry out the ‘Otsutsuki will’ and avenge his death. To accomplish his goal, he needs to sacrifice either Boruto or Kawaki, and for that purpose, he needs comrades with exceptional potential.

With that note, we are introduced to Eida, our perfect waifu. Some fans have already claimed her as their waifu, and I am not behind them; I think I fell in love with this cold beauty.

Boruto: Is Eida’s Senrigan Really an Otherworldly Power?
Eida | Source: Fandom

Eida proves to be the perfect candidate who will help Code destroy everyone who took away his God Isshiki. Code finds Eida hidden away in one of Boro’s laboratories.

Boro was initially tasked to destroy Amado’s cyborgs, Eida being one of them; however, he disobeys Jigen’s orders and preserves Eida in a state of stasis. Later it is revealed he does so because of her modified abilities. We will discuss these abilities further.

2. How Powerful Is Senrigan?

When I mentioned how I fell in love with her character the minute I saw her was not an exaggeration. Trust me, fellas, you will fall for her too.

Boruto: Is Eida’s Senrigan Really an Otherworldly Power?
Senrigan | Source: Fandom

 And I’m not saying this because of Eida’s looks or personality; it’s literally her ability to make people fall for her; yeah, you read it right. Amado modified her in a way that would make anyone except Otsutsuki and family members fall in love with her.

Just think about it no one would harm their beloved; this skill alone would save her from any dangerous threat possible. Moreover, her Senrigan makes her over the top as well.

Senrigan is a type of clairvoyance ability that allows her to project her consciousness anywhere in the present. It basically works like a CCTV system; she can also view past events followed up from her birth.

The only con of this ability is that she cannot see the future and events before her birth. She can even work as a spy and know all sorts of secrets. Nothing can be hidden from her.

What makes her so unique is her nonchalance regarding Senrigan; she calls Isshiki pathetic for being tricked so easily.

Even though she was still locked inside the capsule, her subconscious could see the contemporary events. Eida’s omniscient powers are quite godly, I would say.

Eida is the most powerful support anyone could even ever have. Although Senrigan is not offensive, it is a top-tier ability that can change the scene entirely to her advantage. Eida’s skills make her an overpowered character.

3. Is Eida Amado’s Daughter?

Ever since Eida has appeared, there are only two ongoing conversation topics between fans. Either they are busy being a simp for Eida or speculating her to be Amado’s daughter.

Boruto: Is Eida’s Senrigan Really an Otherworldly Power?
Amado | Source: Fandom

With the amount of foreshadowing happening, I believe this is true, and many instances prove it.

Firstly the transition between the panels almost feels like Amado is talking about Eida when he mentions his dead daughter. And to add to that, it’s highly possible that he doesn’t know Eida is alive because Boro kept her hidden inside the capsule for years.

As I mentioned earlier, Jigen orders Boro to kill all the cyborgs who surpass his powers. Therefore, it’s safe to assume Amado believes Boro killed Eida as well, and so he states that his daughter is dead.

Besides, due to Eida’s modified powers, it’s hard for her to know if somebody genuinely loves her or it’s an effect caused by her abilities, so she despises Amado.

Secondly, she pinpoints the fact that blood relatives are not affected by it. It’s evident that Amado and Eida share a very complex relationship.

If Amado were not related to her, then indeed he would have hidden her away just like Boro, but that’s not the case either.

Amado also comforts Naruto when he doesn’t want to believe that Momoshiki will take over one day Boruto, and if it happens, he will have to kill his son.

It could imply that he had to let go of his daughter due to Eida and Amado’s ideological differences. Maybe Eida didn’t wish to betray Kara like Amado and Koji, so he had no choice but to see his daughter die.

But in the end, these are all just speculations, and we wouldn’t have a clear understanding until Kishimoto decides to explain their past. All we can do is wait for the story to progress further.

4. Where to Watch Boruto

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5. About Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is written and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto, and supervised by Masashi Kishimoto. It came into serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in June 2016.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the series that follows the exploits of Naruto’s son, Boruto, during his academy days and further on.

The series follows the character development of Boruto and the looming evil that challenges the fate of him and his loved ones.

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