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How Naruto Villains(Akatsuki) Are Better Than Boruto Villains(Kara) & Why

It has been over two years since Boruto debuted worldwide as a follow up to the classic shonen hit Naruto: Shippuden. Finally, after about 100 episodes, the anime part is also catching up with the manga. However, whether Boruto villains will ever live up to Naruto quality villains is still a matter of debate. 1. […]

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What Is The Kara Organisation In Boruto?

Evil organizations with mysterious motives provide a multifaceted challenge for protagonists. They strengthen the moral fibre, physical and mental prowess of the protagonist. But most importantly, they contribute to some of the best arcs in the story. It is undeniable that such forms of antagonism are integral for character development and the story. The Akatsuki […]