What Is The Kara Organisation In Boruto?

Evil organizations with mysterious motives provide a multifaceted challenge for protagonists. They strengthen the moral fibre, physical and mental prowess of the protagonist. But most importantly, they contribute to some of the best arcs in the story. It is undeniable that such forms of antagonism are integral for character development and the story.

The Akatsuki became a prime antagonal focus in Naruto Shippuden as it spiralled into darker themes. Thus is the fate of Boruto with the appearance of the Kara organization. It’s important to understand how Kara plays into the story and what it actually is.

1. Quick Answer

Kara is a mysterious organisation in Boruto. Led by Jigen, they are presumably in-charge of acquiring and protecting vessels of Otsutsuki Clan members. Kara is further divided into Inners and Outers.

what is kara in boruto

2. Long Answer

Kara is a mysterious organization whose motives are mostly unknown. Koji Kashin, a member, claims that their agenda carries a world-threatening intent. Their history is unknown but they’re linked to the Otsutsuki clan and their Karma/Kama seals – those of Boruto and Kawaki included. The organization has collected vast amounts of wealth, made use of Scientific Ninja Tools and genjutsu for long-range communication.

what is kara organisation in boruto?
Isshiki Otsutsuki

One of their intents to use Kawaki as a vessel for Otsutsuki Isshiki has been disclosed – their constant hunt to capture Kawaki is just a lead up to it. Therefore, one of their known goals is to preserve the vessel – Kawaki – who had escaped from them.

Karma Seals (Curse Seals) In Boruto

It can be theorized that the Cursed Seals or Kāma Seals are a mark of the Otsutsuki vessels. This puts a question mark on Boruto’s destiny – who also possesses a Kama Seal like Kawaki. 

3. Meaning of Kara

Kara translates to shell or husk. The meaning of the word Kara aligns with their goal of capturing a ‘vessel’ or ‘shell’ for one of the Otsutsuki members or even more. 

4. How can we recognise Kara?

Just like the Akatsuki, the Kara sport identifiable uniform clothing. They have a Roman numeral facial tattoo and wear black hooded cloaks with red lining which is pinned up to their shoulders with a silver pin. 

5. Members of Kara

The organization is divided into Inners and Outers based on their proximity to the leader and their superiority in power. The Inners are considered monstrous in power and are in charge of particular regions. The Outers assist the Inners and perform tasks requested by them.

They use Scientific Ninja Tools to conduct their missions. The organization is believed to be led by Jigen, who trained Kawaki and inserted the artificial Kama Seal in him. 


There are 7 Inner Members – 

what is kara organisation in boruto?
Members of Kara
Fant Art, Source: Unknown

I. Jigen

Jigen is the presumed leader of the organisation and has a Roman numeral IV under his left eye. The source of Jigen’s power is Otsutsuki Isshiki. He holds the power to shrink objects even at a microscopic level. Jigen is able to take Naruto and Sasuke at once and is arguably the strongest in the organization. 

II. Delta

Delta is a woman with long curly hair and prosthetic eyes. She has a Roman numeral I on her forehead. Delta possesses immense strength and an ability to extend her limbs. The damage from the rays she shoots from her eye are irreversible. She has even shown the capacity to keep up with Naruto’s Six Paths. 

III. Boro

Boro is a giant bearded and sociable man who has a trio of tattoos that form a Roman numeral III on his face. Boro is considered to be a more dangerous man than Jigen. He is known for his water style ninjutsu.

He uses a Lava Release Kekkai Gekai which he manipulates to shroud his enemies in mist and break them. He is definitely a threat to even the strongest shinobis of the world.

IV. Victor

Victor was an elderly man with an eye patch over his right eye and a prosthetic right leg. He had a Roman numeral V tattoo over his left temple. He was known for his regeneration technique although he was burned to death by Koji Kashin with whom he had a significant rivalry. 

V. Koji

Koji Kashin is a mysterious man with long hair and stubble who has links with Konohagakure and suspicious motives. He has displayed his abilities to use the Rasengan and summoning toads. His skills place him in the top three of the organization without a doubt. 

VI. Code

Code is a man with dishevelled hair, an arrogant attitude and a prosthetic craniofacial. He has a Roman numeral VI under his right eye. He was recently introduced in the manga and is likely to be stronger than Delta. 

VII. Amado

Amado is a genius scientist who overlooks the Kama experiments and the advancement of Shinobi-Ware of the organization. 


Ao is a war veteran from Kirigakure. He was killed by Koji after he displayed compassion to the ‘enemy’. Ao was renowned for possessing the Byakugan which he received from one of the branch members of the Hyuga Clan.

Garo is an associate of Delta who was killed by Kawaki after a brief encounter with him. 

While Kawaki is not a member of the team, he does possess an IX Roman numeral tattoo under his left eye. Katasuke Tono was not a member of the organization and merely carried out the group’s objectives under genjutsu placed by a Kara member. 

6. Who are the Otsutsuki?

If one can recollect, the final antagonist of Naruto Shippuden was Kaguya Otsutsuki who was taken down by Team 7 with the help of Hagoromo Otsutsuki. The Otsutski clan are horned celestial beings who came to Earth millions of years ago and have had an incredible influence on the history of the world, especially of the shinobis.

kaguya and god tree
Kaguya Otsutsuki

They harvested the chakra fruit of the God Tree which gave them God-like powers. Keeping in mind that the Kara works in favour of the Otsutsuki, they can be labelled as the über-villain of the shinobi world.

7. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto Uzumaki is the son of Hokage Naruto Uzumaki. Due to his father’s status, Boruto is determined to grow stronger and establish a proper identity. Boruto along with Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki revive the renowned Team 7 and are soon drawn towards the trouble bubbling within the shinobi world. 


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