Beautiful Everyday Manga News

Beautiful Everyday Previously Delayed is Back with Final Volume this Summer

Beautiful Everyday manga, written by Takako Shimura which got delayed previously, is going to get its third and final compiled book volume around summer 2021!! The manga centers on Karin, a young woman whose mother is an adult manga creator. When Karin’s mother remarries, she gains an older […]

Golden Kamuy Manga News

Golden Kamuy, Historical Adventure Manga All Set to Receive its Conclusion

Treasure hunts have always fascinated mankind. Satoru Noda’s action-adventure, seinen manga “Golden Kamuy,” is the story of war veteran Saichi Sugimoto’s quest to find the treasured gold of the Ainu tribes. Along the way, he is helped by Asirpa, a young Ainu girl. The manga takes inspiration […]

Grand Blue Manga News

Grand Blue Dreaming Goes on Hiatus Due to Mangaka’s Health Issues

Grand Blue Dreaming is a college themed manga where Iori Kitahara, the protagonist, is about to start his college life and looking forward to all the typical college shenanigans. Now it’s going to have to be put on a hold. Like any of us, Iori is excited for his new life to begin, to have a […]

Amanchu! Manga News

Amanchu!, Popular Scuba Diving Manga, All Set for Epic Finale in May

Adventure sports are often a good way to make new friends. These activities can be pretty dangerous, and that is why you need to trust your team members to excel. The manga “Amanchu!” explores this theme as the protagonists engage in scuba diving. Written and illustrated by Kozue Amano, the[…]

Manga News One Piece

Jump’s Editor Talks One Piece Manga’s Ending and Kyoharu Gotoge’s Next Series

If you ask any otaku about their favorite mangas, I’m sure that One Piece and Demon Slayer will be on their list. While One Piece has a legacy of 1000+ chapters, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba ended with chapters 205. However, both of these series have left a deep impact on the world. I don’t[…]

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga News

Free Demon Slayer Manga?! Viz Media Celebrates Mugen Train’s Success!

Free manga is definitely one amazing way to celebrate the success of a franchise, and we’re here for it all! Viz Media gave fans a fantastic surprise by making Demon Slayer free digitally! The whole world knows about the groundbreaking success of Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train, and Viz[…]++

Compiler Manga News

90s Manga, Compiler written by Kia Asamiya is Back with a Brand-New Story!!

Michitaka Kikuchi, best known by the pen name Kia Asamiya, is a well-known Japanese manga artist who has worked on multiple genres is coming with his new manga!! He is well known for using influences from American comics, television, and films in his work. On 30 April 2021, Young King Hours […]

Manga My Hero Academia

Why Did Deku Leave U.A.? Is He a Villain Now?

The manga took a drastic turning point after the War Arc ended. And the biggest change of them all is when Deku left U.A.! Yes, you heard it right: Deku left U.A. for good. People are wondering the reasons for his departure. But the primary question lingering on everyone’s mind is his destination now that […]

Manga News Plus-Sized Elf

Elf-San Wa Yaserarenai Goes on Half-Year Break After Releasing New Chapters

I can totally relate to leaving the world you belong in and going to another one for junk food. Elfuda in Plus-Sized Elf is stuck on Earth because the food on Earth is just irresistible. Efluda has become overweight due to the continuous consumption of junk food. She is found by Naoe Tomoatsu[…]

Anime Manga My Hero Academia

Lemillion Is Back In Action! But How Did He Get His Quirk Back?

Lemillion’s final stand against Overhaul and him losing his quirk was one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the Shie Hassaikai Arc. Nobody expected the aspiring #1 Hero to make a comeback amidst the chaos in Volume 30. Yet, the Big Three hero, Lemillion, appeared with a power-packed punch to […]

Anime Manga My Hero Academia

What is Villain Deku? Is Villain Deku real?

So, I was scourging Imgur one day for My Hero Academia (MHA) alternate egos. And by joe, look what I have found! The most interesting alternate universe (AU) character that caught my eye is none other than Deku’s alter ego: “Villain Deku”! You may or may not have heard of Villain Deku. But if […]

Manga News Pumpkin Night

Pumpkin Night on Hiatus! Manga’s Artist Says He Needs Time to Catch Up

What happens when the person you bullied as a kid comes back for revenge and starts killing people? Pumpkin Night is a psychological thriller manga based exactly on that. Written by Masaya Hokazono and illustrated by Seima Taniguchi, it is a story about a girl, Naoko Kirino, who escaped from a[…]