Anime News To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity Drops New Characters and Casts for The Upcoming Arc!

From its first episode, “To Your Eternity,” has connected with us like no other anime! The captivating and exciting characters by Yoshitoki Oima have made “To your Eternity” one of the hottest anime this Spring! With Fushi on his journey, he will meet new friends and make new connections. Thus[…]

Manga News Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto Days Sets Perfect Beginning to Action-Comedy Manga

“Sakamoto Days” is the latest addition to the Shounen Jump line-up. The action-comedy manga is quite similar to recent mega-hits like Way of the House Husband and Spy X Family. But unlike the other two, “Sakamoto Days” feels more like a gag manga and the […]

Kingdom Manga News

MAJOR DEATH Teased by Kingdom Chapter 644 Raw Scans

With Gyou’s inevitable downfall, fans of the Kingdom were finally in for a treat with Shin becoming a general. Raw scans of Chapter 644 of the Kingdom were recently released. The single-panel raw scans revealed a major detail – King Tou Jou is dead. Not much information is revealed about Tou Jou’s death. The art […]