Anime Kuso Miso Technique News

Junichi Yamakawa’s Gay Manga ‘Kuso Miso Technique’ Gets OVA Adaptation!

Anime can be inspired by a lot of different sources, from one-shots and manga to even something live-action. Now the yaoi genre is not something avid manga readers would be unfamiliar with. Countless manga and anime dabble with this concept. However, taking inspiration from an 80s one-shot that[…]

Anime BanG Dream News

Get A Glimpse Of The Sequel For BanG Dream! Episode Of Roselia I

So you want to dive deeper into the J-rock genre and get a peek into how the bands are formed or how they perform together? And what was it, you wanted its premise to be around an all-female band inspired by gothic rock? Fret not, BanG Dream! has got you covered as it ticks all the boxes.