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Kingdom Season 5: 2024 Release Date, Key Visuals, Teaser, Expected Plot

Kingdom the anime series returned this year and has officially confirmed its fifth season, which will air in 2024! The fantasy series is undoubtedly undervalued and neglected for an excellent fantasy series. The fourth season of the magnificent historical seinen Kingdom concluded with episode 26.

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Kingdom Season 5: Should I Wait or Read The Manga!

The fourth season of The kingdom anime released its finale episode on October 1, 2022. Now that the season ended everyone has one singular question in their mind: Will there be a Season 5 and should I wait for it? Let me tell you everything we know so far about the release of Kingdom Season 5 […]

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Koku You campaign: What will happen in Kingdom Season 5

Kingdom is an anime known for its great and realistic war strategies. We have always been in awe of the thought that Hara puts into the development of the story. Season 4 ended on October 1, 2022, with its last episode. The season was cut short in between the Koku You arc and we are all pretty interested[…]

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Season 5 of Kingdom Anime to Debut in Early 2024

It’s very rare to find a historical anime that portrays the true aspect of that time, and that’s why Kingdom gets so much hype. The anime depicts ancient China’s Warring States period in a way that no one does and probably no one can. Besides the fictionalized portrayal of such an important[…]

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Kingdom: Contribution of the Hi Shin Unit in Every Campaign so Far

“I am going to be super massive! This I promise you! I am the commander of 300 men, but I’m going to keep moving up and my squad is going to grow even stronger than before. The whole world is going to know the name of each one of us…” The Hi Shin Unit or the Fei Xin Force sure started […]