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Did Qin win against the Coalition Army in Kingdom? 

Perhaps the most famous battle in Kingdom, the anime, is the Coalition Invasion.

The Coalition Invasion took place in 241 BC between the allied states of Zhao, Chu, Wei, Yan, and Han against Qin.

Their main goal was to wipe Qin off the map. This Coalition Army fought the Qin Army at Kankoku or Hangu Pass, a mountain pass known to be almost impenetrable. It was one of the only ways inside Qin’s capital, Kanyou, making the battle a defining moment for the course of the invasion.

Fighting troops almost double their size, Qin’s victory was a huge question mark.

In the end, Qin was able to win against the Coalition Army. The armies of Qin Generals Ou Sen, Kan Ki, Mou Gou, Chou Tou, Tou, Mou Bu, and Duke Hyou were able to overcome the Coalition Army’s forces, and win the 17-day Battle of Kankoku Pass as well as the 7-day Battle of Sai.

1. When did Qin win against the Coalition Army?

Qin defeats the Coalition Army in chapter 352 of the Kingdom manga titled Repelled, and episode 101 of the Kingdom anime titled Deepest Gratitude.

2. How did Qin win against the Coalition Army?

Qin is able to win against the Coalition Army by securing Kankoku Pass as well as the city of Sai and preventing the armies of Wei, Han, Chu, Yan, and Zhao from conquering their capital city, Kanyou.

In the beginning, Zhao Great Heaven Ri Boku and Chu Prime Minister Shun Shin Kun created the Coalition Army with a total of 540,000 troops.

Did Qin win against the Coalition Army in Kingdom?
Qin Force | Source: Fandom

Qin’s plan was to protect their capital, Kanyou, and post the majority of their troops at the northern pass, aka, Kankoku Pass.

The best generals of Qin, Mou Gou, Ou Sen, Tou, Mou Bu, Kan Ki, Chou Tou, and Duke Hyou were commanded to station their men there. It is at Kankoku Pass that the main battle against the Coalition Invasion took place.

Qin was forced to take a defensive stance since they wanted to prevent the enemy from invading Kanyou.

On the walls of Kankoku Pass, Chou Tou, Mou Gou, and Kan Ki fought against the Wei Army led by Go Hou Mei and the Han Army led by Sei Kai.

On the right side of Kankoku Pass, Mou Bu and Tou fought the Chu Army led by Kan Mei, Rin Bu Kun, and Ka Rin.

On the left side of Kankoku Pass, Ou Sen fought the Yan Army led by Ordo.

Duke Hyou, along with Shin and the Hi Shin Unit, fought the Zhao Army led by Ri Boku, Kei Sha, and Hou Ken on the far-right side of the Kankoku Pass.

Qin forces one-by-one were able to infiltrate enemy headquarters, slay generals, and overcome their armies, successfully fending off the Coalition Army from Kankoku Pass after 16 days of fighting.

But the mastermind behind the Coalition Army, Ri Boku, put his secret plan into motion when he realized they were losing at Kankoku.

Did Qin win against the Coalition Army in Kingdom?
Ri Boku | Source: Fandom

He sent a portion of his army through a secret passage to the Bu Pass, which was the southern pass that gave access to Kanyou. On the 17th day, Ri Boku left to join his troops there.

Ri Boku’s forces stomped through city after city after burning through Bu Pass. King Ei Sei realized that the only way to stop them reaching Kanyou was to send some forces to Sai, the city right before the capital.

Since all other troops were busy at the northern Kankoku Pass, Ei Sei himself climbed in to join the battle at Sai. The decision for the king himself to enter battle didn’t happen lightly – Ei Sei took this step only after consulting his best strategist, Shou Hei Kun. He also ordered Shin and his unit to Sai.

It was a good thing Shin was there because it’s him that saved Ei Sei from being captured by the enemy troops.

Ultimately, Shin, Ei Sei, Shou Bun Kun, Heki, Mou Ki, and Ka Ryo Ten fought to protect the walls of Sai.

Did Qin win against the Coalition Army in Kingdom?
Shin | Source: Kingdom

At the very end, Great General Yo Tan Wa arrived to provide reinforcements. Her 30,000 soldiers made all the difference since the others were thoroughly exhausted from the Battle at Kankoku and then the ensuing Battle of Sai.

The mountain people agreed to help Yo Tan Wa and Ei Sei, which further strengthened Qin’s chances of winning.

Towards the end, Hou Ken and Shin had their second showdown. While Shin gave it his all, there was no chance he was winning against Hou Ken. He did manage to stab him, though. Just in the nick of time, Ri Boku finally ordered the retreat of his army.

Yo Tan Wa’s efforts at Sai were actually key for ending the Coalition Invasion. It was the only thing that Ri Boku hadn’t anticipated. Without her intervention at Sei, there’s no way Qin could have won.

3. What was the outcome of the Coalition Invasion?

The main outcome of the Coalition Invasion was that Qin was able to sustain the western border of China, defeat the warring states that questioned its power, continue its campaign to capture other regions, and expand its borders, hoping for the unification of China.

Did Qin win against the Coalition Army in Kingdom?
Ei Sei | Source: Fandom

Had Ei Sei lost the Battle at Kankoku and the Battle of Sai, Ri Boku would have managed to defeat Qin, resulting in the supremacy of Zhao and the further fragmentation of the country.

4. What happened at the end of the Coalition Invasion?

Several things happened at the end of the Coalition Invasion.

First of all, the Qin generals and commanders were given special honors for their achievements in helping Qin win this crucial was against 5 states. Shin was promoted to a 3000-Man commander after the Coalition Invasion.

Did Qin win against the Coalition Army in Kingdom?
Shin | Source: Official Website

Second, even though the Coalition Army was disbanded, the cities at the Qin borders were still at threat of being attacked by enemies. Smaller units were sent from the capital to help those people defend themselves, restore their properties, and fight pillagers.

As for the Coalition Army itself, Shun Shin Kun had planned for the surviving army to storm against Qi, the 6th state that was supposed to be part of the coalition but backed out at the last moment.

Luckily General Mou Bu followed them and caused them to disband. For his efforts, he was given the highest honors for being the general with the greatest number of achievements.

5. Who died from Qin during the Coalition Invasion?

The most significant losses from Qin’s side against the Coalition Army were Great General Duke Hyou, Great General Chou Tou, and Ou Ki’s vassal, Rin Bou.

Did Qin win against the Coalition Army in Kingdom?
Qin Army | Source: Fandom

Duke Hyou was killed by Hou Ken himself after Ri Boku reveals Hou Ken as his trump card. This happened on the 16th day of the Battle of Kankoku.

Chou Tou was poisoned by Sei Kai. He managed to fight despite the poison on the battlefield alongside Kan Ki, but succumbed to it in the end.

Rin Bou was slayed by the Chu commander Haku Rei with an arrow.

6. Who died from the Coalition Army during the Coalition Invasion?

The most significant losses in the Coalition Army after the Battles of Kankoku and Sai are Kan Mei, Rin Bu Kun, Man Goku, Shin Sei Jou, Sei Kai, and Shin Sei Jou.

Did Qin win against the Coalition Army in Kingdom?
Kingdom | Source: Fandom

Shin managed to kill Man Goku during the Battle of Kankoku Pass, while Mou Bu killed Kan Mei, Tou killed Rin Bu Kun, Chou Tou killed Sei Kai, and Ba Jio killed Shin Sei Jou.

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7. About Kingdom

Kingdom is a Japanese seinen manga series written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara.

The manga provides a fictionalised account of the Warring States period primarily through the experiences of the war orphan Xin and his comrades.

In the story, Xin fights to become the most significant general under the heavens, and in doing so, unifying China for the first time in history.

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