Anime Listicles That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

10 Awesome That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime Merchandise

You all know the great Rimuru Tempest. Yes! That’s right! He’s the loveable and adorable little Slime that pops out of your television screen every week. But while we await the return of the anime, let us grab our shopping bags! Hello and welcome! Today, allow me to present 10 awesome That Time I Got […]

Anime News Yasuke

American-Japanese Actor, Jun Soejima, Cast as Yasuke, Japan’s First Black Samurai!

When we think of samurai, we generally think of a Japanese person holding a sword. However, Yasuke challenges that notion to reveal that any person who is brave at heart can be a samurai. Japan’s first black samurai will narrate his tale through the anime that is filled with magic users.

Anime Gundam News

Bellri and Aida Deal with the Shock of Being Siblings in Gundam Reconguista in G III’s Trailer

Gundam Reconguista in G is one of the most recent additions to the Gundam franchise. The 3rd movie of the set will continue the plot, which focuses on a new era. This new era is marked by peace and prosperity, but how long will this peace last? With giant mecha battles, new characters, and[…]

Anime Anime for Kids News

Netflix’s Godzilla Singular Point to Premiere Internationally in June 2021

If you were thrilled by the action-packed scenes of the recently released Godzilla vs Kong film, you must be looking forward to something with a bit more well-defined plot. It seems Netflix knows exactly what you are searching for and has already come up with an animated series that revolves […]

Anime FUNimation News

Funimation Streams Blue Exorcist to Celebrate Merging with Manga Entertainment in UK, Ireland

Funimation promises fans a seamless and unending anime watching experience as Manga Entertainment merges with it! Both Funimation and Manga Entertainment have been leaders in the anime sector, and this step will ensure that fans get a one-stop-shop for all their anime needs. There will be more[…]

Anime Babylon News

Babylon Anime to Release an English Dubbed Version for its Western Audience

The best part about any detective show is understanding the culprit’s philosophy and how they justify their actions in a way that makes us makes us question the concept of “good and evil.” The best example of such a series is Moriarty the Patriot series, where we witness the mind […]

Anime News Night World

Aimer and Ryo-Timo Bring Us to A Dreamy Wonderland Through Night World Anime’s Trailer and Visual

“Night World” is an original anime project resulting from a fantastic collaboration. Aimer, the theme song singer of anime like Fate/stay night trilogy, Fire Force 2, Vinland Saga, will be back with a new anime project this time! Will Night World take us to visit the world of dreams?

Anime Edens Zero News

Edens Zero Anime; The Perfect Follow-up of Fairy Tail Gets 25 Episodes

It has been almost three years since the last episode of Fairy Tail, and even today, we miss the hallmarks of a typical ‘hero’s quest. However, 2021 is the perfect time to somewhat fill that void with Hiro Mashima’s other work that follows the intergalactic adventure of Shiki Granbell […]

Anime Homunculus Movies Netflix News

Homunculus’s Live-Action Movie Dives Into The Sixth Sense With Its Netflix Debut Next Week!

The Homunculus manga dives deep into the mysteries of the brain. The new live-action movie of the psychological series will explore the unbelievable capabilities of the human body as well. What will you do if someone proposes an insane amount of money in return for drilling a hole in your skull?

Anime Gyoko No Nikuko-chan News

Gyoko no Nikuko-san Anime Film Reveals Cast Members; Hiro Shimono Voices a Talking Lizard?!

Gyoko no Nikuko-san is a calming anime film about a mother-daughter duo who is figuring out life together. Nikuko falls in love too quickly. However, with her daughter, Kikuko, she can go through every juncture in her life by her side. Nikuko-san is a single parent who works at a yakiniku[…]

Anime News Shadows House

Shadows House Anime Confirms 13 Episodes and BluRay, DVD Release with Awesome Special Benefits

Shadows House, the creepy new anime from Cloverworks, has just revealed its DVD and BluRay release info. Why am I calling it creepy? Well, imagine living as a maid in a mansion in the middle of nowhere, and your masters are just a bunch of shadow-like beings. I think you’ll get my point. The[…]

Anime Sword Art Online

Can Sword Art Online Be Real? Can It Happen In Real Life?

Sword Art Online (SAO) was a game-changer when it premiered in 2012. The show was basically a “casting net” to capture bewildered viewers — ones who can’t possibly understand the amazing science and technology unfolding before them through an anime. Unlike many other sci-fi anime that premiered in the early 2010s, SAO provided “untapped, untouched, […]