Anime Kotaro Lives Alone News

Adorable New Visual of Kotaro Lives Alone Confirms Spring 2022 Release

If you have watched Home Alone and felt incredibly jealous of the over-smart kid, the upcoming Kotaro Lives Alone ONA is going to add salt to your burn. This chibi kid, Kotaro, lives in an apartment all by himself and is somehow more organized than all of his neighbors. (Try having adult[…]

Anime In the Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki News

Kunoichi Tsubaki’s New PV Teases a Risky Curiosity and April 2022 Debut

If you lived in an all-women society where not a single trace of men could be found, you’d get curious about them, and so is Tsubaki. The only difference is that while other students of her ninja school abhor men, she is genuinely interested in them. Upcoming anime, In the Heart of Kunoichi[…]

Anime Netflix News Scott Pilgrim

Netflix and Universal Studio Join Forces for a Scott Pilgrim Anime Series

One of the most batshit crazy stories I’ve come across is O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim. While the movie has received mixed reactions and heavy criticism, it still managed to gain immense popularity with some hardcore fans. The legend of Scott fighting the League of Evil Exes to be with his true[…]

Anime Delicious Party Precure News

Delicious Party Precure Anime Unveils a Sparkling PV for Feb Premiere

Sometimes, all you wanna do is watch an anime with magical girls saving the world by taking a valuable recipe book back where it belongs. Too specific? Well, if you liked that concept, then you’ll love Delicious Party Precure anime. You already know the basic plot, and honestly, the story is[…]

Anime News Ryman's Club

Ryman’s Club Teases Officegoers Badminton Anime in January

Love sports anime but have had enough of young, energetic players achieving new milestones with a prideful stride? Worry not, we have the perfect solution for you. The upcoming Salaryman’s Club anime brings to you a group of office workers who play badminton. I expect tons of pointless[…]

Anime Manga News

Japan Seeks Global Help to Crackdown on Manga And Anime Piracy

Almost every otaku is guilty of pirating manga or anime. Want to read a very obscure manga that isn’t available officially? Pirate websites. An anime on your watch list that isn’t licensed in your country? Piracy. Watched pretty much all the series your streaming site has to offer? Pirate[…]

Anime News Tales Franchise

Tales of Luminaria Posts an Action-Filled 10-Mins Preview of Ep 1

The Tales franchise has been one of the market leaders in RPGs. Now Kamikaze Douga is going to make sure that the series becomes a smash-hit in the anime industry as well. “Tales of” have always singled out a theme in every game, the upcoming anime movie is also based on one such theme, and[…]

Anime News Police in a Pod

Police in a Pod’s Creator Reminisces Her Journey from Police to Mangaka

Police in a Pod, the ongoing anime, has received much attention due to its realistic portrayal of the police department and their daily lives. Episode 1 was released on January 5, 2022, and the engaging story has led the viewers to question how this series came into existence. A 2018 interview[…]

Anime News Teppen—!!!

Teppen—!!! Manga Based on a Comedian Trio Receives Anime for 2022

We’ve seen numerous anime from the comedy genre, but have you seen one based on aspiring comedians? Well, if not, then Teppen—!!! is here to give you a taste of it. Comedians are the only people who can make people laugh at a tragedy and make money out of it, and I consider that to be pretty[…]

Anime Laid-Back Camp News

Laid-Back Camp Reveals a TV Ad and Candid Visual for Upcoming Anime Film

Laid-Back Camp is hands down my favorite comfort anime ever. Nothing can ever top the warmth and feelings of ease that it radiates, and I know all fans of this show will agree to that. Ever since the franchise came into existence, it has given us the story in different ways, such as manga[…]

Anime Birdie Wing - Golf Girls' Story News

Birdie Wing Reveals Character Trailers for Dual MCs before April Debut

If I dare you to name a sport that doesn’t have an anime on it, your options would be surprisingly small. Golf was also a member of the no-anime committee until the Birdie Wing anime was announced. With dual protagonists and healthy rivalry, the series is set to give us a wholesome watch. The […]

Anime My Master Has No Tail News

Learn the Art of Comic Storytelling with My Master Has No Tail in 2022

Gone are the days when humans used to get tricked by illusions, and Mameda, a shape-shifting raccoon, regrets it very much. In the upcoming anime, My Master Has No Tail, Mameda will learn that there’s another way to mesmerize humans without using trickery at all. This manga by TNSK is a hidden[…]