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Anime Movies Releasing in 2024 To Be Excited About

While consecutive releases of some of the best anime have kept anime fans occupied for the past few years, it seems like this year is for anime movies. While fans can’t get enough of anime series, there’s something uniquely engaging about movies as they offer a complete narrative experience, allowing you to be part of the entire anime journey from start to finish, without the breaks of episodes or seasons.

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Highly Anticipated Anime Movies Hitting the Theatres

Unlike anime series that are perfect for binge-watching, anime movies offer a distinct experience. They allow you to immerse yourself in a complete anime story in just one sitting. Moreover, these films expand the anime universe with thrilling sequels that can be enjoyed as standalone experiences while covering a larger narrative.

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Directorial Debut Film, ‘A New Dawn’ to Premiere in 2025

Production companies Asmik Ace (Library Wars) and Miyu Productions(Ghost Cat Anzu) announced an original theatrical anime movie titled’ A New Dawn’. Selected for the 77th Cannes Film Festival 2024[…]

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Long Awaited Yuri!!! On Ice: ICE ADOLESCENCE Movie Cancelled

Much to the dismay of all the devoted Yuri!!! On Ice fans, Studio MAPPA officially canceled the highly anticipated Yuri!!! On Ice the Movie: ICE ADOLESCENCE on April 19, 2024. The production team confirmed the cancellation by releasing an apology notice on the anime’s official Twitter and website.

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13 Most Anticipated Anime Movies of 2023(Jan-Mar) 

Well guess what, 2023 is here and we are very excited to see what awaits us in terms of the entertainment we are about to receive. As usual, this year also has been hype for a variety of anime movies. We have seen the likes of many great anime movies in the year 2022, but let’s explore a few and most[…]