13 Most Anticipated Anime Movies of 2023(Jan-Mar) 

Well, guess what, 2023 is here and we are very excited to see what awaits us in terms of the entertainment we are about to receive. As usual, this year also has been hype for a variety of anime movies.  

We have seen the likes of many great anime movies in the year 2022, but let’s explore a few and the most anticipated anime movies of the year 2023. 

Anime movies are a great source of entertainment and are getting a lot of attention at the moment. Detective Conan, Sasaki to Miyano, and Black Clover are some of the most anticipated anime movies of the year 2023. 

Anime Movies:2023(Jan-Mar) 

1. Meitantei Conan Haibara Ai Monogatari: Kurogane no Mystery Train  

Release date – 2023-01-06

It’s almost been 16 years since the release of Detective Conan, the anime series. It is one of the shows that has been running for as long as we can remember.  

Fortunately, the movies of Detective Conan are as good as the series themselves and the new movie is all set to be released on January 1st of 2023. It is going to be aired by TMS entertainment and will be directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa. 

I. Synopsis  

This new movie of Detective Conan is going to focus on Ai Haibara’s past. This movie is going to show the meeting between Haibara and Conan for the first time, also the mystery train arc will be reconstructed from the anime series.  

Detective Conan Ai Haibara’s Story: Jet-Black Mystery Train Movie | Official Announcement Trailer

2. SSSS.Gridman 

Release date – 2023-01-20

The SSSS.Gridman compilation film will premiere in Japan on January 20, 2023. This film is going to have a 2-week limited run in the cinemas. This information was posted on the official website of Gridman universe.  

Yoshiyuki Kaneko (SSSS.Gridman anime’s assistant director) will be directing the SSSS. Gridman film and will be released by Trigger Studios. 

[2023.1.20 (Fri) Limited screening for 2 weeks] Theater omnibus “SSSS.GRIDMAN” trailer

3. Aikatsu! 10th Story ~Mirai e no Starway~ 

Release date – 2023-01-20

Aikatsu! 10 STORY ~Mirai e no STARWAY~ is the third special short film of the Aikatsu! series. It was first announced on April 14, 2022, and is being released by Bandai Namco pictures and directed by Ryuichi Kimura. 

I. Synopsis  

This is a sequel to Aikatsu Planet! The Movie. The duo unit “Cosmos”, composed of Ichigo and Akari, has a first successful live event. Time passes and they are now in the third year of High School. 

The realization soon hits the duo as they want to continue their idol activities even after school. However, they have to make this important decision with care. 

Aikatsu! 10th Story: Mirai e no Starway | Official Trailer
Aikatsu! 10th Story: Mirai e no Starway | Official Trailer

4. Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom

Release date – 2023-01-27

Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom is a romance story that will be officially released in theaters on January 27, 2023. The movie is being handled by Madhouse studio and will be directed by Kotono Watanabe. 

I. Synopsis 

This movie is a story of two rival kingdoms who argued over the smallest things. These petty arguments soon turned into a war. The Gods intervened and ordered the kingdoms to exchange the most beautiful girl and the most intelligent young man for bride and bridegroom, respectively. 

Saara and Naranbayar are forced into the marriage to protect the peace between these countries but find themselves gradually falling in love. 

Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom – Official Trailer 2 | Badass09

5. Lupin III vs. Cat’s Eye  

Release date – 2023-01-27

Lupin III vs. Cat’s Eye, the Movie is technically an ONA that will be released on January 27, 2023. It is being directed by Kōbun Shizuno and will be handled by TMS entertainment.  

I. Synopsis  

Lupin III is a great phantom thief who never misses his target while the Cat’s Eye is the three pretty sisters who run a café sometimes while the other times they are busy being phantom thieves. 

Both parties end up targeting “Three Paintings” which was left behind by the father of Cat’s Eye. This leads to an ultimate and exhilarating showdown between Lupin and the Cats. 

LUPIN III vs. CAT’S EYE | Official Teaser | English Sub
LUPIN III vs. CAT’S EYE | Official Teaser | English Sub

6. Blue Giant

Release date – 2023-02-17 

Blue Giant is one of the movies I have high expectations for. The manga was splendid and we can only hope the movie holds up. Blue Giant will be released on the 17th of February by TOHO animation. It is being directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa 

I. Synopsis  

Dai Miyamoto is in the basketball club in middle school. One day, his friend takes him to a live jazz performance. This inspires him deeply and decides to become the world’s best Jazz player! 

He begins to practice his tenor sax all by himself every single day, without any ability to read sheet music. While facing these hardships Dai Miyamoto blows away at his saxophone with this passion. 

2月17(金)公開|映画『BLUE GIANT』予告編
Released on Friday, February 17 | Trailer of the movie “BLUE GIANT”

7. Sasaki to Miyano: Sotsugyo-hen  

Release date – 2023-02-17 

Okay, let’s be honest, when it comes to the BL department, the anime is mostly weird and have insane levels of toxicity. However, once I saw the trailer for Sasaki to Miyano, I knew that it was going to be a super cute, non-toxic show. 

And surprise, surprise! the show ended up being exactly what I expected it to be. A short film is on its way and the fans are more than thrilled. Sasaki to Miyano: Sotsugyo-hen will be released on 17th February by Studio Deen. It is directed by Shinji Ishihara. 

I. Synopsis  

The plot will mainly concentrate on how the two titular characters deal with Sasaki’s graduation. We can expect some differences that will be created due to the distance and how they overcome the same. 

映画「佐々木と宮野-卒業編-」/同時上映短編「平野と鍵浦」 : 特報 Movie "Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation"
Movie “Sasaki and Miyano – Graduation -” / Short film “Hirano and Kagiura” screened together: Special News Movie “Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation”

8. Hirano to Kagiura 

Release date – 2023-02-17

Hirano to Kaguira is another non-toxic, healthy Japanese BL. It’s an endearing story similar to Sasaki to Miyano and focuses on the romance between two high-school roommates.  

Hirano to Kaguira will be released on 17 February 2023 alongside Sasaki to Miyano by Studio Deen. It is also directed by Shinji Ishihara. 

I. Synopsis  

High school freshman Akira Kagiura and his senior Taiga Hirano have been roommates for nearly 6 months. Kagiura is generally an anxious person but was able to rest easy thanks to his upperclassman, Hirano looking out for him.  

As he continues to rely on Hirano more, he slowly starts to fall for his senior and is determined to ask him out before the 6 months come to an end. 

13 Most Anticipated Anime Movies of 2023(Jan-Mar)
Hirano to Kagiura | Source: Twitter

9. Make My Day  

Release date – 2023-02

Netflix has announced the release date of Make My Day which is a horror and suspense ONA. It will be released in February 2023 but the exact date is not yet revealed. It is being handled by 5 Inc. and is being directed by Makoto Honda. 

I. Synopsis 

On a cold planet of ice and snow, mysterious creatures suddenly start to appear from the dark underground. These vicious creatures attack the inhabitants. Can humanity survive and avoid doomsday? 

13 Most Anticipated Anime Movies of 2023(Jan-Mar)
Make My Day   | Source: IMDb

10. Doraemon the Movie 2023: Nobita’s Sky Utopia

Release date – 2023-03-03

Doraemon: Nobita’s Sky Utopia is an upcoming science fiction adventure film. It will be the 42nd Doraemon movie which is scheduled to be released on 3 March 2023. It is directed by Takumi Doyama. 

I. Synopsis 

Doraemon, Nobita, and his friends go to find Utopia, a perfect land in the sky where everyone lives with happiness. They use an airship with a time warp function to find the same. However, some unexpected events unfold. 

[Official Trailer] Doraemon The Movie: Nobita’s Sky Utopia | Engsub Trailer

11. SSSS.Dynazenon

Release date – 2023-03-10

The SSSS.DYNAZENON compilation film will premiere in Japan on March 10, 2023. Yoshihiro Miyajima (SSSS.Dynazenon anime’s assistant director) is directing the SSSS.Dynazenon film at Studio Trigger. 

Similar to the compilation film of SSSS.GRIDMAN, this film will run for a limited period of 2 weeks in theaters. 

[Limited screening for 2 weeks on 2023.3.10 (Fri.)] Theater omnibus “SSSS.DYNAZENON” trailer

12. Gekijō-ban Argonavis Axia  

Release date – 2023-03-24 

Gekijō-ban Argonavis Axia is a Japanese multimedia project by Bushiroad which is being directed by Shigeru Morikawa. It is all set to release on 24 March 2023. 

Argonavis the Movie: Axia | Official Trailer

13. Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King

Release date – 2023-03-31

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King might be one of the most anticipated anime films of the year 2023. Netflix has announced its release date and the movie is set to release on 31st March 2023. 

I. Synopsis  

Based on the information from the trailers, we can expect the focus of the film to be majorly on the Black Bull squad. We will likely get to see the weaker members of the squad take on the goons of Julius.  

We will also get to see Asta and Yami take on strong enemies to once again save the Clover Kingdom. 

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King | Official Trailer | Netflix
Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King | Official Trailer | Netflix


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