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New Trailer For Chainsaw Man Breathes Life Into Characters

After a significantly long wait, MAPPA has finally released a full-length trailer for Chainsaw Man, and yes, it is bloodier than we expected. MAPPA left no crumbs while animating Chainsaw Man, which does make up for the betrayal of December 2021. The animation company left no stone unturned to[…]

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Chainsaw Man Release Date: Everything We Need To Know

Chainsaw Man is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated action-horror anime that has been announced. The popular Shonen Jump title will finally receive an anime adaptation with the production being handled by Studio MAPPA. Fans have already witnessed the manga’s gruesome horror and are […]

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Chainsaw Man: Volume 9 Out On Nov 4, Story Nears The End

Chainsaw Man – The story about Denji, a man with tons of debt and gets betrayed by a loved one, who is suddenly filled with the devil’s powers. Now he is stronger, meaner and deadly. Accompanied by his pet devil dog, Denji has an […]