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Who Is The “Professor Rabinow” In Homeland Series Finale? – Explained!

The series finale of Homeland brought about an interesting subplot & twist by introducing another coded call to the alias by the name Professor Rabinow at Saul’s Home. 1. Quick Highlight To conclude — Saul, who as we know, also had the Code name Professor A.W Rabinow to specifically contact his most valued Asset in Russia — earlier Anna, […]

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Money Heist Season 3 – Dali is back!

The philosophy of this show is summarised in the phrase ‘Bella Ciao’ – which is an Italian folk song and was adopted as the anthem for the anti-fascist resistance during the Nazi occupation of Italy. The Professor and his crew specifically target the establishment itself. They feel their actions are retribution for all the wrongs […]


Super 30 is a heart-wrenching gem! A must watch!

Super 30 is much more than just any biographic flick. It’s part – heart-wrenching quintessential Indian melodrama and part nostalgia intertwined with a classic David vs Goliath subplot which makes you want to jump out and cheer for the underdog. The teacher Anand Kumar has been played by Hrithik Roshan to perfection. Super 30, as […]