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HIMYF Season 2 Finale: Does Charlie and Val End Up Together?

The How I Met Your Mother season 2 finale was full of reunions, revelations, and heartbreaks. Jesse and Sophie finally got together and two seasons worth of will-they-won’t they, while Sid and Hannah headed towards a separation. But the surprise element in the series came from my personal favorit[…]

Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies News TV Series

Grease Spin-Off Gets New Name And Streaming Platform

The spin-off series of Grease has been renamed and is moving to a new streaming platform. It is time to hear a lot more of “She is too pure to be pink” from the iconic ladies of the most popular musical of all time. What was called Grease: Rydell High, will now be called Grease: Rise Of The[…]

CBS News The Stand TV Series

The Stand: Stephen King’s Novel Coming To Screens

Stephen King fans have a new reason to rejoice- The Stand, one of the mystery writer’s best novels, is being adapted to a miniseries that will release later this year. If that is not enough, another Skarsgard brother is set to play the villain of the series. The announcement was made by[…]

ABC American Idol News TV Series

American Idol to Return with Virtual Auditions for Season 19

American Idol is coming back for its 19th edition and soon! Auditions for season 19 will start next month, and of course, it will be a virtual affair. The singing competition series was the first to find a way to continue production during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the series is doing that again. The electronic […]

Netflix Reviews The English Game TV Series

The English Game Review: Is it Worth Watching?

The English Game mixes fact with fiction to give you a six-episode miniseries on the origins of English Football. The story revolves around three footballers’ personal and professional lives, and the setting is perfect for highlighting the passion and commitment that the working classes have for football. The series also touches on a variety of […]

HBO Last Week Tonight Reviews TV Series

What kind of show is Last Week Tonight? – Complete Review

In 2014, HBO recruited the Daily Show veteran and correspondent John Oliver and gave him free rein over a weekly satire and fake news program. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has grown into one of the wittiest, sharpest voices on television that cover various issues. The host focuses on not only what’s making news […]

Indian Matchmaking Netflix Reviews TV Series

Indian Matchmaking Review: Is It Good and Worth Watching?

Indian Matchmaking is a delusional show that reinforces the very stereotypes and cultural practices it set out to shame. Sima Taparia from Mumbai symbolizes all the nosy relatives and Indian Aunties that make it their business to find suitable partners for children in their family, often without their knowledge. The show highlights the deep-rooted evils […]

Disney+ News

When Can You Stream Zombies 2 on Disney+? Some facts and estimates

The latest edition of the zombie version of High School Musical released on Disney channel earlier this year on Valentines Day. But everyone (read fans of singing and dancing zombies and count me out) are waiting for the go-ahead to stream Zombies 2 on Disney+. Zombies 2 trailers: Maybe August 14? While there has been […]

News TLC TV Series

90 Day Fiance: Ed to Start Anti-bullying Project To Repair Social Image

After his appearance on the current season of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, he isn’t new to bullying accusations. Moreover, Instagram live interactions with underage girls, to the fact told a 13-year-old girl to brush her teeth to avoid smells. Ed Talks To Young Girls In His Live Sessions Ed is by all […]

News TLC TV Series

90 Day Fiance: Does Yolanda has COVID-19 Coronavirus?

This time we won’t be talking about William but about Yolanda. The. The 90 Day Fiance star reveals about a near-death experience. She was in a coma and on ventilator support for a long period of time, as reported by her in the Tell All episode. Yolanda’s Near-Death Experience After Filming Was Complete After the […]

Netflix News TV Series

Extracurricular Season 2: Release Date, Is Oh Jisoo still Alive?

This new Korean show has received a lot of praise since it’s release on Netflix. Its eerie cliffhanger gave the viewers chills and everyone is wondering whether Oh Jisoo and Bae Gyu-Ri will be seen again or not. Let’s take a look at Season 2 of Extracurricular. The show came out on Netflix with ten […]

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Outlander Season 5 Finale Takes a Stab Straight to the Heart

With a heart-wrenching season finale, chapter five of popular historical-cum-science fiction series Outlander laid the ground for an even more thrilling season 6. A brutal assault Infamous for its rampant use of graphic sexual assault scenarios, the show won hearts with a much more woke depiction of gang rape in season 5 finale. Considering the […]