Hulu Reprisal Reviews TV Series

Is The Reprisal any good? Worth your time?

They say blood makes you related but it is loyalty that makes you family. But what happens when your own family plans your death? Reprisal is a classic story about revenge, family and betrayal. From the executive producers of Fargo and The Handmaid’s Tale, the show has all the elements of a great thriller story. […]

Amazon Prime Reviews Suits TV Series

Review: Is SUITS worth watching?

Back in 2011, when Suits first premiered on television, it restarted the legal drama craze and put a new spin to it. The show brought to life charming, charismatic lawyers and legal officers, and paved the way for other legal dramas that came after it. Suits remained to be one of the highest-rated shows until […]

Reviews TV Series Two and a Half Men

Review: What’s So Great About Two And A Half Men?

Two and a Half Men might be on-the-face and explicit but is an absolute treat. It revolves around a dysfunctional household, headed by a well-off debauchee man and consisted of his unlucky, divorced younger brother and his dense nephew. It continues to be one of the best comedy shows ever aired, five years after it […]

How I Met Your Mother Hulu Reviews TV Series

Review: What’s All The Fuss About How I Met Your Mother?

How I Met Your Mother is one of the most popular sitcoms of the 2000s. It revolves around one guy’s quest to find his soulmate, ‘the one’ whom he can eventually marry. Soppy as it sounds, the show is a hilarious take on love and friendship. His search for the perfect woman takes him on […]

Reviews Sister, Sister TV Series

Is Sister, Sister Any Good? Worth Your Time?

Separated at birth, a pair of twin sisters reunite in their teens, through a sudden encounter in a shopping mall. They might be twin sisters but they find out that they are not really similar to each other. Will they be able to live with each other and share the same experiences? 1.Quick Review Sister, […]

FRIENDS HBO Max Reviews TV Series

Is FRIENDS Really Worth the Hype or Is it Overrated?

Six friends, all in their mid-20s, trying to live life, find love, and keep their heads above water in the happening city of New York. What is not to love about it? 1.Quick Review You might like FRIENDS, you might hate FRIENDS but you cannot afford to miss it. It is a genre-defining show that […]

Hulu Reviews The Great TV Series

Review: Is The Great any good? Worth your time?

As a young girl, Catherine dreamt of finding marital bliss with her husband. But when she finally gets married to Peter III, Czar of Russia, all her dreams become uncertain. Will she ever be able to realise her dream? Or will her domestic dream change into a cheekier but much larger one? 1. Quick Review […]

Fifty Shades Of Grey Movies Netflix Reviews

Fifty Shades Of Grey Review: Is It Good?

Fifty Shades of Grey and its author E.L James have had an unlikely journey to worldwide fame. James initially wrote a Twilight fan-fiction under the pen name, Snowqueens IceDragon, which was turned into the novel, Fifty Shades of Grey. The book became a bestseller and sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, becoming a beacon […]

Movies Netflix Project Power Reviews

Project Power Review: Is the Netflix Superhero Movie Good?

Netflix’s Project Power revisits the cliché of humans not using their brains to their maximum capability and adds a superhero spin to it. Like Limitless and Lucy, Project Power is an entertaining ride supported by strong acting and cinematic visual effects. It is funny and will make you wish you could watch it on the […]

HBO Max Reviews The Wire TV Series

The Wire Review: Is It The Greatest Show Ever?

The Wire remains the most astonishing oversight and underrated show in Television History. When it aired, it won no Emmys, it had no major fan following with the maximum viewership around 4 million, and it lived under the shadow of HBO’s The Sopranos. It was only after the show ended in 2008 that it started […]

Narcos Netflix Reviews TV Series

Narcos Review: Is The Netflix Drama Worth Watching?

The opening shot of Narcos is an overview of Medellin’s city, with a voice-over from Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) explaining the origins of magical realism. He assures us that the events that we are about to witness may seem unbelievable, but they all happened. Throughout its 3 season run, the show constantly serves up monumental […]

Hulu Prodigal Son Reviews TV Series

Prodigal Son Review: Is The Fox Drama Worth Watching?

Prodigal Son has a premise that is unique and sends chills down your spine. It is a shame that the show is unable to utilize its best elements and begins to resemble just another cop drama. Michael Sheen and Bellamy Young are in excellent form, while the show’s protagonist Tom Payne fades and gets absorbed […]